Posted By: SandraJ What are Your Christmas Stamping Projects? - 11/08/12 04:54 AM
What are you or will you be stamping for your Christmas holiday events? Are you making your own Christmas cards? Wrapping paper? Gift tags? Ornaments? Decorations? Gifts? Let's share ideas and pictures?? of what we are making. Thanks!
Yesterday I met with a bunch of friends and we made Christmas ornaments using paper and dies. Embellishments such as brads, eyelets, ribbon, linen thread, etc. If I can figure out how to attach a picture, I'll do it soon. Can we attach pictures????
Can anyone tell me how to add a photo of an ornament to this post? I have a picture of one of my stamped Christmas ornaments I want to show you but can't figure out how to post it. Thanks!
Here is a Christmas banner I made yesterday. Very quick and easy. Look at my blog: Tell me what you think of the banner.
Did anyone stamp their Christmas / Hanukkah cards this year?

I made lots of simple Christmas cards and sent them to our troops in Afghanistan back in early November. I doubt if they have too many Hallmark stores over there. frown

I also made some cards to send to my friends. I'll be mailing those out tomorrow (gosh, I sure wait till the last minute - don't I!).

Haven't figured out how to add a picture to these postings so maybe you can check out my cards on my blog... SandrasCraftStudio (dot) wordpress (dot) com
Sandra's Arts & Crafts Studio

I made a bunch of cute treat bags to give to folks at my doctor's office and my veterinarian's office. I can't seem to post a picture but you can see them on my blog: Sandrascraftstudio at Wordpress

These little treat bags are very easy and fast to make (thank goodness because I had to make 30 of them!).
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