Posted By: Mia517 need some help on losing weight... - 07/18/02 06:15 PM
A little about me:
My name is joanne, Im new to the boards here.I will be here a lot hoping you guys can help me in achieving my goals. First of all, Im a mother of 2. With my my 1st pregnancy, i gained 50 lbs, bringing me up to 185 lbs.I got pregnant 3 months after having my first, (not giving myself anytime to lose my weight)i gained another 50 lbs. Its been 9 months now since my daughter was born and im stuck at 165 lbs. I think i did a very good job though at losing already 70lbs. But i guess not good enough. I feel horrible about myself when i look in the mirror.I really want to lose 30 lbs. I started dieting in the beginning of feb to the end of may.That would be four months. I cut out the fats and sugars in my diet and i even signed up to the gym and was going every day for 2 hours, running 15 minutes bike 30 minutes and other ab and thigh machines. Well i have not lost a single pound in those 4 months and i gave up. well, im finally getting the strength and courage to start this all over again. But i really need all the help i can get. What was i doing wrong that i couldnt lose weight? or what should i be doing? My goal is to lose 30 to 35 lbs by next summer since i failed to do so this summer.I really hope you guys can help me out.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: need some help on losing weight... - 07/18/02 06:54 PM
Hi Joanne,

I too had a c-baby almost 7 months ago. I was interested in loosing weight but couldn't seem to drop the last 20 with good diet & exercise. My uncle sent me TED from Infinity2 and that has really helped me. I especially liked it because it was all natural food ingredients which was imoortant because I was breastfeeding. Feel free to email me if you like with questions/comments. [email][/email]
Posted By: karlll Re: need some help on losing weight... - 07/19/02 12:19 AM
Thanks for stopping by, I'll get right to the point. A lot of women I train do what you do; tons of cardio, ab and thigh machines. They diet like crazy and can't lose weight. The reason for this is you need to feed your body and build some serious muscle to get your metabolism going. It doesn't take a lot of work but you do have to train your entire body. Try this workout for a month.

Day 1 Chest shoulders triceps
Day 2 Back biceps abs
Day 3 Legs hips butt

Do at least two exercises for each body part 3 sets of 12 reps with a weight that is challenging you by the 8th rep. Push yourself a little harder than you have been. Decrease your cardio to 30 min. at a much higher intensity. I'm talking serious sweating.

EAT!!!! 5-6 small meals a day every 3-4 hours. For example
meal 1 high fiber cereal w/ skim milk
meal 2 soy protein shake (at least 20g protein and low carb) & 1 piece of fruit
meal 3 grilled or baked chicken breast with 1/2 c rice & 1 c steamed veggies
meal 4 soy protein shake & 1 piece of fruit
meal 5 baked fish and 2 c steamed veggies

Try all this for one week and see what a difference it makes. You'll feel lighter, more energy, and you will probably lose 2lb. Make sure to supplement with a multi vitamin, and add 1 tbsp flaxseed oil to your shakes. If you have cravings take a magnesium supplement and try green tea every now and then to boost your metabolism even more. Give it a chance for a month and I promise you that you WILL see results.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: need some help on losing weight... - 07/19/02 12:26 AM
My soy shake is 13g protein. Is that a big difference from 20g? If so, how can I boost the protein without changing shakes? I am really happy with what I use.
Posted By: karlll Re: need some help on losing weight... - 07/19/02 12:55 AM
13g is good but 20g would be better especially if you exercise on a regular basis. I know that Bally's has soy protein mrp's at work so there probably are other ones at the health store with a higher protein content. If it's a matter of taste you can do other things to up your protein intake. Maybe take it 3 times a day instead of twice a day. I have a really hard time with my protein intake so I'm always looking for products that have extra protein. I buy this really good cereal called optimum power breakfast flax soy blueberry (they're even selling it at the regular supermaker now because it's so popular and yummy). It took me so long to find a high fiber cereal with all kinds of other good stuff that didn't taste like cardboard so I highly recommend it. It has 8g of protein 2.5g of fat, and 10g of fiber. It does have about 41g of carbs which for some people is a big deal but as long as you eat it in the morning and you're active you will burn it off. Other great sources of protein are egg whites (great in tuna salad, believe it or not), fat free cottage cheese, low carb protein bars, tuna, lentils, beans. Multiply your weight by .75 and you've got your ideal protein intake for the day. ie. 126 x .75 = 94g a day. You don't have to make yourself crazy either. If you get close to that it's good enough. <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Mia517 Re: need some help on losing weight... - 07/19/02 01:01 AM
wow these meals isnt something i eat hehe but i guess i have no choice.Is is ok to eat a lot of rice? that is what i was eating to replace potatoes in my other diet. I will do this starting tommorrow and will post update in a week. Hope this works. Question, isnt protein used to gain weight? Also, will diet pills help to lose weight along with the exercise? ok one more thing, I have a loose flabby belly cause from my stretchmarks from the pregnancies, is there anything i can do for example ab crunches? will that tighten up my skin also?
Posted By: karlll Re: need some help on losing weight... - 07/19/02 01:31 AM
Hey you guys we should be having a chat but I'll probably lose both of you by the time I figure out how to set it up. If you've been eating white rice it's the same as potatoes so switch to brown and don't be afraid of potatoes every now and then. A small one every now and then isn't going to ruin your diet. Protein is for building muscle which is what you need to get hard and burn fat. One of the reasons why many women have a soft appearance is they rely too much on carbs on not enough on protein. I have a client right now who lost over 100 pounds on her own but she is totally soft because all she eats is veggies and rice. We're working on lifting heavier and eating plenty of protein now and she's seeing major improvements. Guys who are trying to get all huge eat a ton of carbs. People who want to get lean cut back on carbs (about 1g per pound of body weight of mostly fibrous carbs) and eat a lot of protein so their muscles grow and harden up. Your abs will tighten up as you lose weight but do plenty of ab work and do it super slow. Try 15-20 reps of 5 different exercises knee raises, leg raises, v-sits, reverse crunches, double crunches are the best exercises for abs. Check out the articles on the exercise site for ideas. I thought my abs would never harden up after my c-section but after a year of really hard work they finally did and right now I'm working on a 4 pack (don't think I'll ever have a six pack) so believe me when I tell you that a healthy diet high in protein and working out the right way can make it happen. Check out the eat to lose healthy eating guide for more diet ideas.
Posted By: karlll Re: need some help on losing weight... - 07/19/02 01:40 AM
Oops one last but very important thing I forgot. Pilates is probably the best way to shape up your abs. Buy a video and you'll be amazed how fast you lose inches and start to flatten up. I was doing it last year and it was working wonders and I have some of the most stubborn abs around.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: need some help on losing weight... - 07/19/02 05:44 AM
Great info, thanks! I already have a lot of muscle, so I think I am ok with my protein intake. I'll look into pilates. Always looking for help with my c-section stomach.
Posted By: Mia517 Re: need some help on losing weight... - 07/19/02 02:54 PM
Thanks a lot for your help , i think my problem with my other diet is i was maybe taking in too much carbs.Starting my diet today . WISH ME LUCK !! =) I am signed up for ballys so i should be able to find a protein shake there. One more question , I like exercising a lot. But how much is too much? I normally go every day for 2 hours at a time, 5 days a week. Is that ok? I do about 30 minutes on the bike every day also.too much?
Posted By: Mia517 Re: need some help on losing weight... - 07/24/02 06:19 PM
well, its been 5 days and i lost 5 lbs!!!!!!!!!!
Thought i'd let you guys know =)
Posted By: Anonymous Re: need some help on losing weight... - 07/26/02 04:40 AM
Awesome Joanne! Keep it up!!
Posted By: Mia517 Re: need some help on losing weight... - 07/27/02 02:57 PM
Ok , I lost 8lbs in 8 days . a pound a day? Is that just water? and i lost 2 cm in each part of my body.
Posted By: karlll Re: need some help on losing weight... - 08/02/02 04:11 AM
That's awesome Joanne! Yes a lot of it is water weight but don't let that discourage you. Because you're depleting carbs and building muscle your body is beginning to shed water but if you're losing inches (cm) then you're definitely losing bodyfat and that's the best thing that can happen (even more important than just weightloss). Have someone check your bodyfat and then check it again in a month to see how much progress you make. Keep up the good work!!! <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: Mia517 Re: need some help on losing weight... - 08/08/02 07:59 PM
How do i check my body fat? I lost a total of 3 cm in each part of my body and went down almost 2 sizes in my jeans. But my weight has not changed. I have been doing the kathy ireland tape, abdominal workouts 12 minutes a day. Have any of you tried that? im loving it so far.Do you guys know any other fitness tapes that are really good? I quit the gym, im having a hard time finding people to watch my kids, so i have to work out at home.
Posted By: karlll Re: need some help on losing weight... - 08/13/02 01:50 AM
You can either have someone at your gym do it or you can buy the calipers and do it yourself although I would not recommend that. There are also bodyfat scales but they are not very accurate. Your best bet is to have a personal trainer do it. You dropped cm and 2 jeans sizes!!!! Who cares about the weight. At this point it doesn't even matter. All that means is that you're building muscle and getting leaner which is what every woman wants!!! You're doing awesome. How about a gym with daycare? If you are looking for some great videos check out the ones I recommend on my site. I've tried most of them and they offer great and challenging workouts. I'm in the process of doing another article on videos. Look for it soon. the best workout videos
Posted By: Dragonmom Re: need some help on losing weight... - 09/25/02 12:47 AM
Hi, My name is Kathryn. I know I can help you because I went through the exact same thing. I would like to chat with you privately though. My email address is [email][/email] Its well worth the time. BELIEVE ME! <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: shakala Re: need some help on losing weight... - 03/26/10 08:10 AM
Everyone looking to lose some weight is always in search of some great tips. Unfortunately, everyone has a different body and it responds differently to all the factors affecting weight loss. The key to losing weight is finding a great eating program and training program that is catered to your individual body. Following a great eating program is the single most important aspect of losing weight. Most people focus on the exercise aspect, thinking that is the most important. They are dead wrong. Exercising only takes care of 20% of weight loss while your diet takes care of the other 80%. This means that what you eat is 4 times more important to weight loss than how much exercise you get. Finding an eating program designed for you is essential. This is a diet that you first input what food you like and dislike and the diet generator constructs an eating plan just for you. This way you have no incentive to cheat the diet as you are already eating the food you like while avoiding the ones you dislike. Thanks.
Posted By: Biggest Loser Re: need some help on losing weight... - 04/20/10 04:32 AM
Why don't ypu go through the realaity shows for weight loss. They provide enough and proper information regarding to weight loss. The Biggest Loser is one of them.
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