Posted By: ExerciseEditor Hi Lo Trend - 12/27/11 02:09 PM
I really love the hi lo dress and skirt trend. It's fun and a great way to show off your legs and shoes. There are many ways to pull off this trend. If you're more adventurous, you can even wear it over pants!

Here's a few ways to wear this 80's trend that recently came back in style. Hi Lo . I'm certain this trend is out or on it's way out but it's fun either way. I had 2 hi lo shirts back in the 80's and kind of surprised it even made a comeback.

Posted By: Red Carpet Dresses Re: Hi Lo Trend - 12/28/11 11:46 AM
I love this trend too! I got one of these skirts for Christmas and its my new favourite thing to wear!
Posted By: Red Carpet Dresses Re: Hi Lo Trend - 12/28/11 11:48 AM
Oh what I also love about it is that it can be easily worn with a single or shirt to look casual, or it can also be dressed up with a nice belt and heels. So versitile and i find it really flattering!
Posted By: jodiemt Re: Hi Lo Trend - 01/10/12 05:01 AM
I have one purple printed summer dress that's of this Hi Lo trend!
Posted By: ashusood Re: Hi Lo Trend - 01/13/12 06:33 AM
thanks for sharing this link which show latest trends of fashion
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