"This fall, the runways were packed with everything from clashing prints to surprising fabric choices. Figuring out which looks to incorporate into your closet, and how to wear them, is a little bit trickier this season � but not at all impossible. We�ve complied a list of do�s and don�ts for tackling these top seven harder-to-decipher trends. Plus, a sense of fearlessness, mixed with plenty of experimentation, is always a good thing." Tips for Wearing Tricky Fashion Trends

I love mixing prints. Going to try to pull it off for xmas cuz it's fun and festive! Fall fashion trends 2011: Pattern Mixing
wow the pattern mixing looks like fun, will have to pick carefully but i think it will be worth giving a go!
Posted By: Ronei Re: Tips for wearing tricky fashion trends - 01/22/12 09:58 AM
i read your article on site , its really impressive tips..........
Posted By: jodiemt Re: Tips for wearing tricky fashion trends - 01/23/12 04:53 AM
Wow. That article was so cool and it surely is tricky to wear those trends.
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Posted By: LA Made Re: Tips for wearing tricky fashion trends - 01/26/12 10:01 PM
Nice color mix ! Gotta to love it ~
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