Posted By: Isla Grey - Movie Mistakes Movies Based On TV Shows - 01/24/14 03:27 PM
I've been featuring some movies that were based on popular TV shows and was wondering...

Which are your favorite TV shows that have been adapted to movies and which have been "movie mistakes" (ie...which TV shows made into movies were the worst)?

Are Some Movies Based On TV Series A Mistakes?
Posted By: christinarobert Re: Movies Based On TV Shows - 03/15/21 10:46 AM
I was a huge fan of lethal weapon ( all 3 parts) but when was seeing all the latest shows there was a lethal weapon tv series that started. It really hurt my feelings that they would ruin such a great movie. Another movie was the equalizer which is another great movie but recently a new tv show came out starring queen latifah and I saw the trailer which made me want to vomit like literally.
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