Posted By: Kathryn Free What APPs Do You Use? - 04/09/12 04:09 AM
Hey guys. . .mobile APPs are here to stay. . .what are your most used APPs on your smartphone?
Posted By: jodiemt Re: What APPs Do You Use? - 04/13/12 04:43 AM
Don't know about smartphones...but I love playing Angry Birds on my tablet!
Posted By: Vi - Blogs/Small Office Re: What APPs Do You Use? - 04/18/12 02:25 AM
There are a lot of great social networking and blogging apps I enjoy. And I do love some games!

My all-time fav for productivity though is Pocket Informant. It is a calendar/task manager/note taking app. The task manager can be utilized in the Steven Covey or the Get Things Done manner. I can sync it with Google Calendar (and I believe it sync's with some other popular calendars and To Do sites).
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