Posted By: Vi - Blogs/Small Office Happy Kindle user - 01/05/12 04:51 AM
Glad to see some activity in PDA and also that they changed it to PDA/ebook reader topics.

I love my new Kindle (basic K3). Although I never thought I'd get one since I love my reading apps for my iPad, I was thrilled by how compact it is to tote around.

I of course had to subscribe to a few magazines that I couldn't get for iPad and also a few blogs. My favorite blog is by Michael Gallagher (Free Kindle books and tips etc.) which probably pays for itself in the amount of free book alerts you get.

I look forward to discussions here!
Posted By: Angela J. Shirley Re: Happy Kindle user - 01/07/12 04:01 PM
Hi Violette:

I keep hoping the editor for this area will surface and start posting, meanwhile - I try to stop when I have some extra time to post something(lol).

Glad to see you are doing the same smile
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