Is there someone you will read no matter what?

One of mine is Elizabeth Berg. One of her books I read years ago left a really good impression on me and since then I have read all her books and wait for more.
Jane Austen is another if you didn't figure out my name!

I'm a Berg fan, too. Her latest book redeemed her in my eyes, lol. I am also a huge Jodi Picoult fan. My Sister's Keeper was just amazing. I'm reading Anne Tyler's Digging To America, and highly recommend it, too.
For good chick lit, I adore Jane Green.
Joshilyn Jackson - Her first novel (gods in Alabama) just went to PB and I picked it up on a whim at B&N. It is awesome. I read it in one day. It is a murder mystery/racial love story full of family secrets in the deep South. It's unpredictable and believeable. What a great first shot!
Her second is also out and I'm going to back to the store to search it out ASAP.
If she continues like this, she can count on me to buy every one.
I like Jodi Picoult too, I have read a few : My sister's keeper; Vanishing Acts, Mercy and her latest the Tenth circle. I have tried a few of Anne Tyler and I have more of her on my piles here but she is hit and miss with me. I will get to her someday. Yes Jane Green is good for chicklit along with Marian Keyes (Walsh series) and her other read alones and Jane Heller I like too.
Yes I have read Gods in Alabama. I look forward to her next!!!

I really like Anita Shreve too. Have you read The Pilot's wife?
Or Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic?
I love All the ones mentioned and I also read British cozy and Elaine Veits, Tess Gerristsen, Janet Evanovich, Mary Daheim. AND many others!
I really like Linda Fairstein (DA of Sex crimes in NY), Kathy Reichs (not really a fan of the show Bones that is based on her books), Mary Kay Andrews (Southern mystery), Lorna Landvik (just too funny), and Erma Bombeck (my reason for wanting to write).
I never heard of Lorna Landvik and will have to get one of her books. Is she a new writer or have I been in the dark??
Wow! There are so many--
Anne McCaffrey, Julian May, Mercedes Lackey, J.D. Robb (I am not fond of her in her Nora Roberts persona, though), Janet Evanovich, Diane Mott Davidson, Sara Paretsky, Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell, Charlotte Bronte. Goodness, the list grows longer as I grow older.
I must be the 'ODD ONE' as I always have been...I couldn't find anything on or anyone who likes 'Sylvia Browne' Shes such a sweetie, I was luck enought to do her hair a few times. You can just fell the love coming from her & never a 'Bad or evil word' comes from her, just love for us all. Pegi
My favorite female author is Barbara Kingsolver. Her books are funny, touching, and I love the way she effortlessly weaves information into her plots so you learn something as you read, almost without even realizing it. So far I've learned about coyotes, entomology, astrology, and Native American culture from her books.

My second favorite is Tabitha King, wife of that guy who writes horror stories. ;-) Her characterization is amazing. I don't always like her characters--especially the women--and I've been known to throw the book across the room as I'm reading because they make me so mad, but they definitely make a lasting impression on me, and I care about what happens to them.
Used to be Ane Rice, but sadly, she's seemed to have strayed from her roots and ... editor. Her poestic writing and visual imaginaiton used to remind my how wonderful it feels t0 write. Now, I can't seem to finish her novels and am no longer an loyal follower. Guilt, guilt, I know!
Ursula Hegi, Maeve Binchy, Philippa Gregory, Jane's to early for me to think of any more at the moment. <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />
I second the Tabitha King vote!
Janrae Frank and Lucy Snider. Sweet!
I always read anything by Kathleen Woodiwiss & LaVyrle Spencer. Neither one of them are putting out books any longer.
Woodiwiss and Spencer are my mom's favorite too. do you know for a fact that they aren't writing anymore? or has it just been awhile......
I used to read LaVyrle Spencer also. Been a looooong time ago. I never read Woodiwiss but see the books and wondered if they were my taste or not. I like many of the suspense books and mystery/cozy authors.
Margaret Truman , Anne Perry, Val McDermid for mysteries(for starters)...

Rachel Ray cookbooks
Kitkat - I read some articles several years back that LaVryle Spencer officially retired. I was really bummed. It was in 1997, and I guess she planned on writing screenplays, but I don't know if any of them have been put to screen.

I don't know if Kathleen Woodiwiss is retired, but she hasn't put anything out in a few years.
Judi Picoult - I love her books but haven't read the new one she has out!
I will add:
Joy Fielding;Elizabeth Berg
Oh, Elizabeth Berg! her work is wonderful, the charactes soooo psychologically real...and I only recently found her stuff - a friend recommended her

I've read a number of names posted that i've never heard of, so im anxious to get to the library on Monday ...

lol: Joyce Scarbrough's comment about throwing Tabitha King's book across the room - and i loved that Joyce still considered King one of her favorite writers...

that was a name i'd never heard -had no idea Steven King's wife wrote...

lilian jackson braun is another one i've been reading - and i find that strange - i'm not a cat lover (her series is the "the cat who..."mysteries)--and i've never liked mystery - and haven't even read much fiction for 20 yrs - but NOW i like reading these light cat fictions - go figure!
"that was a name i'd never heard -had no idea Steven King's wife wrote..."

Don't you know he probably gets punched when she sees comments like this online! I can just hear her: "See, if you weren't always hogging the spotlight with your silly monster books, maybe people would hear about my books!"

BTW, I LOVE Stephen King's books too.
I love Amy Tan and some of Danielle Steele's books. Diana Gabaldon's books are also amazing.
Anais Nin and Simone Du Beauvoir. Brilliant feminist auteurs that never forgot the essence of what it was to be woman, and a must read for anyone of the feminine persuasion.
Elizabeth Berg definately...and of course J.K. Rawlings. Wait a minute, can we name more than one?
Robin Hobb
Patricia Cornwell, Rita Mae Brown, Fannie Flagg, Carol Schmidt and so many more
Hi all!
Sharon Owens, Sin�ad Moriarty, Cecelia Ahern, Marian Keyes, Sophie Kinsella, and more.

Happy reading!
Danielle Steele.
Lois MacMaster Bujold (SciFI)
Anne McCaffrey (Fantasy)
Mercedes Lackey (Fantasy)
Laurell K. Hamilton (Scifi/Fantasy, with some erotica)
Anne Rice (Fantasy)
JK Rowling (Fantasy - duh)
I've read many female authors over the years. I love Annie Dillard, for example. But in terms of 'comfort food' reading it's definitely Jane Austen.
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