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Posted By: diana6301

? about a comment - 12/15/09 02:42 PM

i have been dating this guy for almost 9 months.. his divorce is proceeding and getting ugly he has stated to me he does not want to loose me, and that he is nothing without me... i am not sure if he is saying this because of my fears or that he is genuine.. what do others feel.?
Posted By: Yellow Venus

Re: ? about a comment - 01/06/10 03:02 AM

He says he does not want to lose you because he is desperate or lonely. You should not trust him now. Let him get through the divorce and spend some time with him until his situation gets better. You will know how he truly feels about you in the future, but not now.
Posted By: Maureen-Twisted artist

Re: ? about a comment - 03/22/10 04:40 PM

Divorce can be ugly and there will be highs and lows. If it was you, how would you feel if he wanted to walk away because things got tough?

You got to see it to the end unless something bad happend between you 2. It's easy to be there when times are good- it's being there when times are bad and sticking it out!!!!

ball is in your court......

If he is having a hard time, then be there for him and support him.

Posted By: PJK56

Re: ? about a comment - 04/08/10 02:58 PM

Divorce is a hard thing for a couple to go through, no matter what the situation. Be there for him. Don't expect anything right now from him. He needs you to be there for him. Give him that ear. I'm sure he loves you, but just step back right now and give him some time. Once the divorce is over than the two of you can go on with your lives together.
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