Posted By: kimkenney Who Visits a Museum? - 09/15/16 08:42 AM
There are personality types who are more likely to visit museums. There are also people who will NEVER visit a museum. What do you know about these groups?

Who Visits a Museum?
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Who Visits a Museum? - 02/02/21 08:59 PM
I study this issue fairly frequently since I run an art organization and a gallery. Sometimes it can be tempting for artists to think they are reaching the full community with their efforts. Really, though, there tends to be a group of people who are open to viewing art and then another group who simply has no interest at all in doing art types of activities. There can be all sorts of reasons for people ending up in that second group - financial, transportation issues, inclusion issues, etc.

This comes up often in "activism" types of artwork. People think that they are making great points about an issue in their gallery, when really they are primarily speaking to "those who already think that way". Art groups and museums need to strive to broaden their base - to draw in more people from more walks of life.
Posted By: Angie Re: Who Visits a Museum? - 02/02/21 11:06 PM
I enjoy art museums but I really like history museums.
Posted By: Angie Re: Who Visits a Museum? - 12/26/21 06:31 PM
Magnolia Grange Museum House will be celebrating its 200th anniversary in May. We had an open house for Christmas and it was decorated with several trees downstairs and tours were given throughout the house. Then we held two Holiday teas which were sold out early. People enjoy special places with history.

During Thanksgiving I visited the Museu of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. Visit when you are there.
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