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Don't learn the hard way like my extended family did on our last trip to Spain. Follow these suggestions to keep your family and valuables safe while traveling.Keep Safe While Traveling
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OK I'll bite- what happened on the trip to Spain?
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Another thing to consider is to keep any prescription medicines with paperwork that can be traced back to your doctor or pharmacist as some countries have very strict laws- particularly on opiates and similar products.
I'm so sorry, somehow I never saw this until now. But to answer your question, my in-laws were resting on the beach in Barcelona taking in the view of the Mediterranean. My mother-in-law's purse was stolen, and she'd had their cash, passports, phone, camera, etc...all in that bag. They had to walk all the way back across the city to our apartment since they had no money for a taxi. Then they had to spend two whole days (almost our entire time in that city) at the U.S. Consulate to get emergency passports at a very steep price. Lesson learned!

Again, I apologize about the delayed response. I also appreciate your suggestion for having prescription documentation handy. Thank you.
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