Posted By: Angie DNA and Genealogy - 02/07/17 11:22 PM
Tonight we held our first DNA special interest group meeting at the local historical society. I told everyone who attended that, although I was the facilitator of the meeting, I was only on the first rung of the learning ladder. One person added they weren't on the ladder yet. I guess that made me feel a little better. I had done my homework beforehand. The purpose of the meeting was to learn more about DNA and how to use it in genealogy. I know I want to learn more and having this group will be helpful.

We covered the three types of DNA tests (Y-test, mtDNA, and autosomal). Several of the attendees were not familiar with the tests and what information the tests would provide or how to use the results. Most had taken the Ancestry autosomal test, one or two had taken other tests, and one or two had not taken any test.

There had been a webinar recently on DNA and I used a lot of the information in my outline. There are a couple of really good blogs too that help with explanations. We discussed cMs (centiMorgans), SNPs, organizing and deciphering the information gleaned from close matches and shared matches.

We touched on GEDMATCH too. Next month we will talk more about that; share what we learned during the month; and I will continue reading and studying. There are a couple of good books out. One I purchased but have not read and the other I should order.

Posted By: Angie Re: DNA and Genealogy - 03/04/17 08:07 PM
I need to collect my thoughts and information for our next session on DNA! Next Tuesday I have a "how to" presentation on genealogy. I worked on that while I was on the cruise.
Posted By: Angie Re: DNA and Genealogy - 10/23/17 10:17 PM
I completed my first DNA class. There is a lot to learn and comprehend when it comes to DNA. I will have to reread the printed materials before the next session.
Posted By: Angie Re: DNA and Genealogy - 03/30/18 01:21 AM has added quite a number of tools that can be used to study the results of your DNA test. You can upload your results from Ancestry and other testing companies to MyHeritage. You can contact matches.
Posted By: Angie Re: DNA and Genealogy - 05/19/18 10:11 PM
We had a lively conversation today about bad and good research habits, experiences we have had, problems in our search for our immigrant ancestors. These problems include the script of the 18th and 19th centuries, where to look for records, and to solve the problems possible links that might be helpful. We ended up talking about our rich diversity of foods and favorite restaurants.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: DNA and Genealogy - 02/04/21 05:01 AM
My family is full of genealogists and we have family trees done back to the middle ages. We did also have DNA tests done. I do like the 'fun' aspect of DNA tests, but I think it needs to be kept as an adjunct to actual research. A DNA test can say you're half Irish, but really it could be most of your family lived in Wales. We learn so, so much more when we delve into who they were and the environments they lived in. I suppose it's about balance as always!
Posted By: Angie Re: DNA and Genealogy - 02/04/21 02:00 PM
I like records; they tell the story. I find that DNA may lead you to someone who is just interested in ethnicity and does not pursue the stories. So often they have a tree but it may have only 3 people on the tree and I am not going to spend time figuring out their tree so that I know how we might be related somewhere between 3rd and 5th or more cousins. It's been a rare occasion when someone has asked me for information.
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