Creativity requires fuel - what is your favorite snack to munch on while writing you next best-seller?
Posted By: Lori-Marriage Re: Do you snack when you write? - 02/05/09 09:19 PM
When I'm in my zone, I don't eat. Unfortunately, when I'm not, I eat just about anything. I try to stay away from foods that make my fingers oily so my keyboard doesn't get messy! LOL.

More often, I'm not in my zone. frown
Posted By: Dianne W - Editor Re: Do you snack when you write? - 02/05/09 09:35 PM
For me it used to be anything sweet. Lately I've been buying grapes (they've been on sale alot recently) and one of those 100 calorie pack cookies.
I'm only in the zone for fifteen, twenty minutes tops. Then I need sugar. Grapes are a good idea. Now, if they only made them in chocolate...
I alternate between sweet and salty.

And I have never really paid attention before to when I snack the most.

I think I do more snacking during the research part (more passive), but once I start writing- then the hands are too busy.

But my Coke Zero is always beside me!
Posted By: Debbie - NASCAR Re: Do you snack when you write? - 02/06/09 04:13 AM
wink Well, I'm a diabetic so it tends to be something salty or a piece of fruit, orange slices are never too far away when I'm writing lol...
Posted By: Sheryl T Re: Do you snack when you write? - 03/26/09 05:52 AM
I keep tootsie pops in a pencil cup at the computer. And I take designated snack breaks during my day at the keyboard.
Posted By: Sheryl - Chocolate Re: Do you snack when you write? - 04/11/09 11:44 PM
I also like trail mix -- those Breakfast to Go trail mixes are really good. Favorite one is 'Tropical'. Sheryl
Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Do you snack when you write? - 05/05/18 08:00 PM
When I did write I would only stop when I was done writing whatever was in my head.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Do you snack when you write? - 01/30/21 09:18 PM
I pretty much delve deeply into what I'm writing and don't think about anything else. I don't think about eating or drinking - I'm just typing away.
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