Posted By: Jay_Z What was your favorite essay topic at school? - 07/04/11 12:45 PM
Well i was just remembering my school day and thought about an essay that i had written.The essay topic was Holidays and it was a really good topic for me because every time i came back from a holiday i would jot it down on a paper and read it in class afterwards. Anyways what was your favorite topic when you went to school?:)
I used to love was my favorite part about Essays. Besides that I loved the Essay I had written on "My Family". I had so much to write about.
Thank you for the reply jodiemt."My Family" used to be a favorite topic for me as well! So much to write about this topic!
Anything since writing is my only talent. I always loved it when we had to write anything whether or not we could choose our own subject or it was given to us. Plus the only times I was not bullied was when we had to read what we wrote in front of the class, I was so good that even my bullies liked what I wrote, and also since I am very shy I hated to be in front of everyone but when it was just to read what I had written it was less hard for me.
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