Posted By: Bonniesa Girl Scout Cookies - 03/12/08 05:09 AM
Are sales still going on? Last year I came out of petco and bought some from a display that was just setting up and was the first customer. this year I tried online to find them and no such luck.

My neighbor told me they were selling outside costco but this past weekend she did not see them and I wanted to try the new cinnamon ones.

Why are they only sold for a short period and how come it is so hard to find them?

I am in Los Angeles.
Posted By: Marci - Kids TV Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 03/12/08 05:26 AM
I have a friend who's daughter is in Girl Scouts here in San Bernardino. Yes, sales atre still going on, unfortunately we are to cheap to spend $4 on a small box of cookies. Yes, they taste great but to us they aren't worth it. Good luck with finding them! If you can't find any, feel free to email me and I can get them from my friend and we can figure out how to get them to you! We aren't too far from you.
Posted By: Bonniesa Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 03/15/08 01:44 AM
I forgot to mention that a neighbor has a boyfriend whose grandaughter sells them and she is trying to find out if I can get the new cinnamon ones.

Thanks for the offer.
Posted By: Juniper Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 03/19/08 09:32 PM
I wish we did cookies in the UK...:(
Posted By: Laura-Senior-Issues Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/02/08 07:01 AM
Hey there! I work for Girl Scouts, here in Northern CA - call your local council to find out where cookies sales are being held. Our girls sell at the usual places (in front of stores etc.) and sometimes at schools. The sales in our area are going on for another couple of weeks, at least. Girl Scout cookie sales provide TREMENDOUS support to local programs, such as the Outreach Department (yep, that's who I work for!) and Program Departments. So even though I think the cookies taste fantastic, I buy them to support the programs that benefit. The new Lemonades (cookies) are fantastic, and although the baker and the cookie names have changed, they are still delish!
Posted By: onmyway Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/08/08 02:12 AM
The best Girl Scout Cookies are the caramel/coconut/chocolate ones..Samoans I believe! The best. They have Lemonade cookies?? What other new flavors are in the works?

Posted By: Lady J Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/08/08 02:28 AM
I love the chocolate covered peanutbutter ones, the samoans (not their new PC name), the thin mints, and the shortbread
Posted By: Laura-Senior-Issues Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/12/08 06:07 AM
Yep, they have Lemonades. I laughed at Jase's remark on PC names for cookies - most of the name changes came about because of a change in bakers, but you certainly made a good point, Jase!
HERE are the cookie varieties....
Crispy cinnamon snack swirls in a convenient 100 calorie pack.

CARMEL DeLITE (the cookie formerly known as Samoas!)

Delicate vanilla cookies drenched in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and laced with dark cocoa stripes.


Crispy vanilla cookies layered with real peanut butter and blanketed with a chocolaty coating.


This sumptuous shortbread is a traditional favorite with a buttery, light flavor that tastes great.


Thin chocolate wafers dipped in a rich chocolaty coating with a burst of pure peppermint oil.


Deliciously smooth peanut butter sandwiched between crunchy oatmeal cookies.


Each crunchy shortbread cookie has a layer of fudge on the bottom and the words "thank you" in English, French, Chinese, Swahili or Spanish embossed on the top.


What a better cure for the winter blues than a cookie with a taste of summer in every bite These iced shortbread cookies are not only a delicious reminder of sunshine and family fun, they are also zero grams trans-fat!

Posted By: onmyway Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/22/08 12:24 AM
These cookies are all delicious. Anyone like Cheesecake at all? They got some awesome recipes on They have this Cheesecake Recipe Planner where u create your own personalized cheesecake. I've made a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oreo Crust Cheesecake. I want to make one topped with crushed Samoan Girl Scout Cookies.
Posted By: Lisa Beth - Houseplants Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/22/08 12:43 AM
I've been desperately searching for Girl Scout Cookies too! I saw some Scouts taking down their cookie sale sign a couple of weekends ago, and they never came back! I've driven past all of my local hot spots and there are no cookies in sight.

I was a Girl Scout when I was a kid and we PUSHED those cookies.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/27/08 03:41 AM
I used to adore thin mints (I was a girl scout right through the gold award / 12th grade) but now I'm low carbing smile
Posted By: Vi - Blogs/Small Office Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/27/08 03:50 AM
Those new lemonade ones are so good. We had switched to the other baker this year and they were in our lineup. Oh, I hope we keep the same baker because they were too good and I need to fill a freezer with them. They are great in tea.
Posted By: mary-tea1 Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/27/08 03:55 AM
Hi Violet, yes there are two versions of the lemon GS cookie this year, my niece has one and I have another niece that has the new one and they are sooo good! And P.S. They are great with tea!
Mary Caliendo
tea editor
Posted By: Girl_Scouts_Editor Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 05/12/08 07:58 PM
Sales dates vary by Council. Here in Arizona, we sell from January through March. The best you can do is call your local Council (or check for a website) to find out the dates in your area.
Posted By: onmyway Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 05/28/08 01:50 AM
anyone try to make a cheesecake topped with your favorite girl scout cookie pieces??
Posted By: Lesley Aeschliman Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 05/28/08 07:44 PM
From talking to our cookie mom, the cookie sales were definitely down in our area compared to recent years. It affected everyone in our service unit... even the Brownies, who have an easier time getting the sales, weren't able to sell as much. We were thinking the downturn in the economy played a part.

Would anyone be aware if there were similar situations in other parts of the country, or was this something that was isolated more to my area?
Posted By: Lesley Aeschliman Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 06/03/08 04:46 PM
Late last week, my daughter got her patches and prizes for selling cookies this year.

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I really didn't like the look of this year's cookie patches.
Posted By: wingsofbeauty Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 03/08/09 04:53 PM
I live in Dupage Illinois and have yet to see one girl selling them, I am very disappointed. As I use to be a leader, and there was always tons of girls everywhere selling them. Now that I moved down here, I can't even find one store that has girls out selling....
Posted By: ruvane Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/04/09 08:11 PM
I'm a former GS desperately trying to find out the name for a retired GS cookie variety. The cookies were were like two shortbread cookies with lemon creme between them, and a raspberry filling in the hole at the top with sugar on it? I'm been googling with every combination imaginable to figure it out. They were my favorite and it's like they never existed. They kind of look like these [url=]Singoallas[/url] Sorry for the broken html, it showed up right when I previewed the post :/.
Posted By: JRSCTR Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/06/09 08:17 PM
Could it have been the Pinata. They were to be strawberry fruit- taasted like apple to me. My son loved them and they made them about 4-6 years ago. And then cancelled them. I also found a link with old cookies in it. BellaOnline ALERT: Raw URLs are not allowed in these forums for security reasons. Please use UBB code. If you don't know how to do UBB code just post here for help - we will help out!
Posted By: Girl_Scouts_Editor Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/09/09 03:10 AM
It is the Pinata she's asking about. There will be a new list of what I can find on all the cookies through the years on the Girl Scout site on Monday. Also, the Samoa is still the Samoa in those areas served by Little Brownie Bakers.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/15/09 08:11 AM
I don't think I've ever seen a Pinata! Maybe they were after my time, I graduated out of the scouts in 1986. I still adore Thin Mints smile
Posted By: Nicki - BF & EC Editor Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/15/09 08:23 AM
There are different cookies in different areas depending on which of the two bakers supply the council. We had the little brownie bakers ones. So we had samoas and lemon chalet cremes and do-si-dos. We didn't have the cinnamon ones, but had some Dulce de Leche cookies that sounded great, but were a major disappointment.

To be honest, I was looking forward to my daughter selling them, but the whole 0g transfat thing soured me a bit this year (I have an article about this on the early childhood site through my signature below). And interestingly, I didn't even think they tasted that good, probably because I don't buy things with those types of ingredients anymore. You can FEEL the hydrogenation on your tongue! :-( Sad, really, becuase I've always loved them. Honestly, I'll take Trader Joe's Peppermint JoJos over a thin mint anyday, and it has way higher quality ingredients. I also just bought 5 boxes for 99cents each when they clearanced them out after the holidays -- and that will last me probably until they introduce them again next November.

(Yes, I know that's sick and wrong. Our thin mints usually last us all year too -- we just eat a few at a time and keep them in the freezer. 3 boxes last until next time).

Nicki :-)
Posted By: Decorum-Is-Key Lisa Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/22/09 07:33 PM
Our sales were down too. It could be attributed to the healthier lifestyle people are working toward. We did, however, get more contributions for our troops.
Posted By: "Rosie" Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 04/22/09 08:34 PM
The girl scout cookies i got this year were paper thin. yuck!
Posted By: Lesley Aeschliman Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 01/11/11 02:24 AM
Bumping this up, because Girl Scout cookie time is going on again in a lot of areas. The Girl Scout council my daughter is in (Girl Scouts of Western Washington) is using Little Brownie Bakers this year. The varieties available through Little Brownie Bakers this year are Lemon Chalet Cremes, Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos, Samoas, Dulce De Leche, Thank U Berry Munch, Tagalongs, and Thin Mints.
Posted By: sonya_ladybug Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 01/11/11 10:44 AM
lemonades and thanks alots ..ooohh I am jealous...we had them until just this year...our council changed bakers...some very unhappy customers! Now we are stuck with some cookies that no one likes....NOT!.....Girls are getting creative and making some tasty new desserts for our bake sale! Go girls!
Posted By: Robin - Card Games Editor Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 01/11/11 01:42 PM
Here in Florida - we have the same cookies that Lesley is talking about.

I oredered my boxes and sent one overseas for the troops
Posted By: OhioCyndi Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 01/25/11 08:45 PM
Geez-here in Ohio we haven't started to cookie booths yet at all. Our first order form is due Jan 31. I saw on line that some of the councils are making cookies availably immediately without taking orders and having to wait 6 weeks to get your cookies..I wish we would do that in Ohio. We have had people forget they ordered cookies and go to thier house to deliver them to find out they just bought some at a booth! We have a differen't cookie baker here..It's LIttle Brownie Bakers I we have the old names. Samoas, Tag Alongs, etc...but I do miss the lemonades that the other baker had..they were delicious! Good Luck everyone wtih cookie sales!
Posted By: Mx3 Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 01/27/11 01:07 PM
I am in my third year of leading my troop-two years of Daisies and one year of Brownies. I dislike the whole cookie older daughter had a fiercely competitive leader who made sure all of the girls cookie stats were published in a newsletter she put out. She also had to make sure her daughter was the top seller each time. It REALLY turned me off to the whole cookie selling venture. (and my daughter did sell over 100 boxe, as both my husband and I were working FT an had captive audiences who loved GS cookies and our daughter) Add that to the cost of the cookies, the litle profit the girls make on each sale, and the unhealthy ingredients (I have two kids with food issues and we only eat natural foods), and the stress of selling them, and the bottom line is that my troop does not particiapte in cookie sales. I did sell them in limited quantities last year, and it was so stressful for me. My Cookie Mom was not the right person for the job. We are a "home" troop-all the girls but one attend the same school. While my co-leader was upseet about not selling cookies, other moms THANKED me for not selling them. If my co-leader wants to be in charge of the sale next year and all that goe with it, she can. Personally, the I cannot buy them or have them in my house. And th recession has hit m family hard, and other famililes in my troop. I write about this and lots of other things on my Girl Scout Leader [url=]blog[/url] .
Posted By: Dianne W - Editor Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 01/27/11 03:29 PM
I love GS cookies. I WISH I could walk by one of those tables and NOT purchase a box or two Lol... (on top of the ones I purchase at work to support kids and grandkids of co-workers. Thank goodness they freeze well :-)

Ions ago, I did take on the role of coordinator the troop. It was definitely hard work! Hats off to any person who tackles it. I agree about the competitive piece, that really defies the principle of scouting (in my opinion).
Posted By: Girl Scouts Editor Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 01/28/11 12:01 AM
We just started selling cookie in my area (SC). We'll have them until March. I have done cookie booths with my troop for the last 8 years. It is a lot of work! My troop is just taking orders this year and taking a break from booths this year.
Posted By: mrswinklebee Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 02/18/11 12:52 PM
We have Little Brownie Bakers in my area, so we carry all the classics (with their classic names) and some newer ones like the Dulce de Leche and Thank U Berry Much(meh). The girls in my Troop have done REALLY well on preorders-4 girls have already surpassed their goals-and booth sales haven't even begun yet. This is the first Scouting experience for all of the girls in my Troop so we are working very hard to earn money for a fun trip. Children these days seem to have a booked Daytimer (my own child is a rare exception-we limit our commitments), so it is so encouraging to see the effort these young girls have put into cookie sales, when I know they also have piano, dance, swimming, choir, soccer, softball, cheer, gymnastics, etc. plus the huge load of schoolwork each day. I understand the derision of some of the PPs regarding "cookie pimping" and I am one of the first parents each year to suggest our PTA stop pushing the stinky candles and giftwrap and stale popcorn sales and instead hold a walkathon, or a spring carnival, or even a pet parade to raise funds for PTA. I don't want to be pressured into buying junk I don't need or want because I want to be a parent who supports the school. Plus, I think the children need to be vested in the fundraising activities if they are expected to sell, and while it isn't as if the girls bake these cookies themselves, they do have a vote on where we have our booth, they decorate it, interact with the customers, and come away with a sense of having worked to achieve a goal. With PTA sales, they bring home a flyer they haven't even looked at, and mom and dad buy stuff. The other point I will make is that these girls set their cookie sales goal based on an trip on which they voted as a Troop. We figured the cost and how much we had to sell to earn the money. Ultimately they will see the fruits of their labors and you CANNOT put a price on a lesson like that! Hard work pays off! I know that the money the PTA raises is for the betterment of the school and is very important, but the children do not see the work/payoff relationship in the same way they would if they were more involved. Sorry for the novel! *steps off soapbox* :crazy:
Posted By: Mx3 Re: Girl Scout Cookies - 03/21/11 08:55 PM
My issue with cookies is that most girls do not "earn" the prizes and patches-family does it for them. I also do not like how hard the girls work for so little profit. They keep too small a share. The GSA has a stranglehold on other fundraisers unless you do these. The girls can do tons of things and keep 100% of the profits-like car washes, yard sales...but are not allowed to do so. I am glad your troop reached it's goals! It is an important lesson to be learned.
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