Service Projects for Daisies

Posted By: Megan Girl Scouts

Service Projects for Daisies - 07/16/13 08:52 AM

Daisies need to do service projects just like every level in Girl Scouts. Here are some easy to do projects that Daisies can manage, run and distribute.

Service Projects for Daisies

What are some service projects your Daisies did?
Posted By: Angie

Re: Service Projects for Daisies - 07/05/18 06:10 PM

We have a girl in our neighborhood, in elementary school, not sure how she is. She is working on a bronze award. She is collecting plastic film (baggies, wraps, bubble wraps, bags, not bottles etc.) and needs a total of 700 pounds by September. What a mammoth amount of plastic that is - as it is weightless. Granted get enough and I suppose you make 'bricks' out of it by compression but still... I was getting gas today and the beer truck was making a delivery. The cans were wrapped in plastic. Needless to say, I asked for their plastic. He was happy to oblige.
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