Organizing Troop Files

Posted By: Megan Girl Scouts

Organizing Troop Files - 05/15/13 08:08 AM

Looking for an idea to organize all your troop's paperwork, craft supplies and everything in-between? Then check out this article!

Organizing Troop Files

Do you have any recommendations on how you organize your troops files?
Posted By: Megan Girl Scouts

Re: Organizing Troop Files - 05/15/13 08:14 AM

When I first started as a Girl Scout leader all I had was an expanding file folder. It got too heavy for me to carry, plus I realized that I also had 2-3 bags of crafts, first aid kit and other things I was bringing to the troop meeting. So that is why I decided to go this route. I have to say, this is the best thing I have ever done.
Posted By: VintageGS

Re: Organizing Troop Files - 05/28/13 09:34 AM

The only thing I carry back & forth from our meetings is a 3 ring binder. We are lucky to have storage space at our meeting place so our craft supplies, etc. can stay there. At my home I have 3 drawers of files plus a large bookcase and 4 tubs of Girl Scout stuff! In fact my husband says GS things are over-taking our home. But after 25 years of being a leader I have accumulated many things that I can't replace.
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