Posted By: Megan Girl Scouts Welcome!! - 05/14/13 08:36 AM
Hello! I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Megan Nowak. I am the Editor for the Girl Scouts website here on BellaOnline. I have so much knowledge on Girl Scouts to share with everyone. If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I will try to help you as much as I can.

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Posted By: CelticStar Re: Welcome!! - 06/12/13 04:28 PM
Good afternoon! I am really very excited to find this forum. My daughter just became a Brownie at the end of last year (December time frame). we are part of a very very small troop and I really want to get more involved as I feel the girls could gain so much more from scouting than they currently are getting. I am not the troop leader of course, but last week I was asked if I would take over doing all the arts and crafts with the girls and I am so excited. I know that my troop leader works very hard, and I want to help as much as I can without over stepping my bounds. Any ideas that I can get to help out girls do things to earn badges, crafts, trips.....anything! I am going to sign up for all of ideas above and welcome and all ideas! Thank you! -P
Posted By: tweety Re: Welcome!! - 06/15/13 09:41 AM
Hi I have been a Girl Scout Troop Leader in CA for the past 5 years and I came across this site and thought I would join in. I am always looking for fresh ideas. Today my girls are bridging from Brownies to Juniors! I am very excited for them. I am looking forward to this new year and can't wait to find new ideas.
Posted By: CelticStar Re: Welcome!! - 06/18/13 06:36 AM
Hi Tweety! It seems to be pretty quiet around here but I am glad someone else stopped in. Can you please explain "bridging" to me? I understand that its moving from being a brownie to being a junior but not much else. Any help would be great. Thanks!
Posted By: tweety Re: Welcome!! - 06/18/13 01:30 PM
Bridging is a ceremony/celebration when the girls move up to the next level. Usually it involves walking over a decorated bridge. They do a really neat one in my area at the 5th grade level where the girls bridge over the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.
Posted By: Megan Girl Scouts Re: Welcome!! - 06/19/13 06:04 AM
Well to Girl Scouts @ BellaOnline!! I am so glad to see some new faces here!

I am Megan the Girl Scouts Editor(writer)! Welcome!!

If you have ANY questions at all please do NOT hesitate to ask....we are all learning here. lol!! smile If you have any suggestions for articles that you would like to see then let me know!
Posted By: CelticStar Re: Welcome!! - 06/19/13 06:51 AM
That sounds wonderful - how exciting for them! I am here to try and learn a bit about what I should be doing to help my troop. I have gone to my local Council office and spoken with someone there and I think I have some great ideas. I just dont want to upset anyone in the troop as I am the newest member of a *very* small group of girls. Most of our girls are young brownies - this will be my daughters second year (2nd going into 3rd grade). I was hoping to get the girls on a camping trip this summer but so far all I have been told is the troop dosent have the money for it right now. I am hoping to find some ideas of things for the girls to do that will be low cost for the troop since funds seem to be a problem. Any ideas?
Posted By: tweety Re: Welcome!! - 06/19/13 10:20 AM
I find a lot of ideas on Pinterest, if you do a search for girl scouts you can find a lot of ideas and most of them use recycling of items. I have also found a few blogs online that have ideas. We recently did a back yard camping event. We used my co-leaders back yard and put up tents. The parents pitched in $10 per girl and that covered dinner, snack, smore's and breakfast plus the crafts we did. We filled the time with tie die, I found a free printable camping bingo game online, we did a few cheap bead crafts. They put a performance together to perform at night. We tought them knife safety skills and then let them help prep things for meals we planned. I was also able to borrow a projector from work and we did a movie under the stars at night.
Posted By: GSmom320 Re: Welcome!! - 12/15/13 05:43 AM
I am glad I fumbled onto this site. I have just spent 2 hours roaming thru the post. I decided that since I am going to spend some time on the website I might as well register. I have been a multi level troop leader(Junior, Cadettes and seniors) for 4 years in West Central Florida. I am looking forward to hearing about new ideas and event suggestions to make this year more exciting for my girls.
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