Posted By: Angie Night Sky Map (Farmers Almanac) - 01/11/22 07:07 PM
Farmers' Almanac had a link to the Sky Map for January

I'm not good at being outside and seeing the stars.
Posted By: Mona - Astronomy Re: Night Sky Map (Farmers Almanac) - 01/13/22 12:04 PM
Angie, nice map from the almanac. Though my goto site is where you can generate a sky map for your location and time of year.

And I'm not all that good about picking out what's in the sky because I rarely have a clear enough sky. As for the annoying folk who decided we needed a street lamp - even though it's a deadend - right where I could get a fair southwestern view, have my eternal curses.

Here's more information about the website:

Can the International Space Station and various satellites be seen from your house? If so, when and where should you look? What are the two bright stars you've seen around sunset time? The website Heavens-Above is a tool for beginners and experienced observers to answer questions like these.

Heavens-Above – website
Posted By: Angie Re: Night Sky Map (Farmers Almanac) - 01/14/22 02:26 PM
Thanks, Mona. I know - light pollution is a big obstacle in observing the night sky. I'm sort of in a rural area but the homes around us have lamp posts and then the trees impede my view of the sky too. I'll check out Heavens-Above.
Posted By: Angie Re: Night Sky Map (Farmers Almanac) - 01/21/22 04:16 PM
This is interesting. I like how they describe it like fun house mirrors

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