Our Sun – Quiz *new article*

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Our Sun – Quiz *new article* - 05/13/19 10:16 AM

The Solar System was made from the leftovers of the formation of the Sun. How much do you know about the star that makes life on Earth possible? Try the quiz.

Our Sun – Quiz
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Re: Our Sun – Quiz *new article* - 05/15/19 09:05 AM

Our Sun is bigger than most of the stars that we see in the night sky. But that's because about 75% of the stars are red dwarfs and they're too small to see without a telescope. Stars larger than the Sun can be very impressive.
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Re: Our Sun – Quiz *new article* - 05/18/19 09:29 AM

How does Earth compare to the Sun in size? Earth has been added to this ultraviolet image of the Sun at the correct scale. We can only see our home planet because it's labelled in big letters. It's a tiny dot that's been tucked into a solar prominence. That's the bright loop of gas that's extending outward from the Sun's surface.
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