Hispanics at Church

Posted By: Angie

Hispanics at Church - 11/19/16 11:55 PM

My church was rocking and rolling last night. There was a special Mass for the closing of the year of Mercy. Someone posted on the Spanish facebook page a live stream of the event. The music and excitement was very much so apparent. My parish is 80% Spanish and 20% English.
Posted By: LaTeisha - Women's Fashion Editor

Re: Hispanics at Church - 11/20/16 10:53 AM

Hi Angie,

I LOVE a good worship service. It just brings you closer to God in a communal sense, as we should all have our personal relationships with Him. I'm glad you enjoyed service and were able to share that testimony with us online.

Sharing that experience must feel good.


LaTeisha Clément
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