Posted By: Shannon L. Wolf Acid Reflux and.....Your Bra? - 03/30/08 10:06 PM
Since I learned that acid reflux can be aggravated by a bra that is too tight on the ribcage(especially under-wire bras)I invested in a bra that has support without the necessity of being so tight. I also use more camis with the built in shelf bra. Believe it or not, I have noticed an improvement! I used to love my under-wire bras, but I will never go back to them. smile
Posted By: lindagal2 Re: Acid Reflux and.....Your Bra? - 04/08/08 11:35 PM
Hi Shay --

Thanks for this post. My sister-in-law is having severe trauma associated with this. It started with just her sports bras being too tight, now she's says she's having trouble with all her bras.

First, can you recommend a good bra that doesn't bind? (She is 5'0 probably about 105lbs -- if that -- and probably has a small B cup.) Also, I'm wondering if the way she fits the bras is causing difficulty. Any advice there? Because she's small she has always tended to purchase pushup and padded bras to make the most of what she has. Any advice I can give her? The constant pain is really getting her down.

Posted By: Shannon L. Wolf Re: Acid Reflux and.....Your Bra? - 04/09/08 02:07 PM
Hi lindagal,
Welcome to the Stomach Issues forum!

First I would like to commend your SIL for realizing the problem with her bra. Most women have bra issues, but never recognize it. When I saw the Oprah Show on finding the perfect bra, the "experts" said that you measure the girth of your ribcage and make that your bra "size" then calculate your cup size from there. (Something about the girth of your ribcage/breasts and the difference between the first measurement with each 2 inches being a cup size.) Well, my rib cage measures 31 inches, but a bra that size would crack my ribs! I actually wear a 36 and have bra extenders on each bra. The next time I purchase a new bra it will be a 38.

Bottom line, if your bra is "snug" it's too tight. You should easily be able to slide your hand underneath it.

I do have a new favorite bra (I call it the Perfect Bra!) but I don't know whether or not they make it in a padded style. It would be worth it to check it out. Please see my article(s)on the causes of acid reflux for more info on my Perfect Bra and the bra/acid reflux connection.
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