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Haboobs - 01/11/13 10:48 PM

Have you seen any photos of the haboob? A haboob is a giant dust storm sandwiched between the water and the clouds. It is incredible.

Dust Storm - Haboob
Posted By: Judie Quilting Editor

Re: Haboobs - 01/12/13 01:26 AM

Thanks for that Angie and WOW! What a sight!! At first I thought your post was a "suss" one with a name like Haboob, but it's a very impressive image and I thank you for enlightening me on a new word and meaning.

We're having all sorts of weird weather this year, guess I shouldn't be feeling special - it seems that people all over the planet are experiencing strange weather too.

Keep us posted with any new info Angie
Cheerio for now
Posted By: Angie

Re: Haboobs - 01/12/13 08:57 AM

I was watching the weather channel when they showed pictures of it. It was impressive.
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Re: Haboobs - 01/12/13 11:56 AM

Impressive! My wife is off to visit family in Coomara Waters on Thursday, but that is on the other coast. Otherwise I'd worry about her lungs!
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Re: Haboobs - 01/12/13 02:56 PM

My friend in Australia told me that the sand is swept up from central Australia - it is huge!

I hope your wife has a great trip. Australia is beautiful. We visited Tazmania. They have had huge fires there lately.
Posted By: Judie Quilting Editor

Re: Haboobs - 01/24/13 03:46 PM

Hi guys, the haboobs are very impressive, but Australia's experiences with dust storms comes nowhere near the "dirty thirties" dust storms in America during the 1930's. Am reading about them at present. Amazing.

Yes Angie, the fires in Tasmania have been awful. My friend Annie's son lost his home, cars and caravan and all his tools in the fire at Dunalley. You might have seen the photo on the web that went viral of a grandmother and her five grandchildren who's only option to escape being burnt alive was to enter the water and stand in neck high water sheltering under a jetty for hours. Here's a link to that picture if you're interested.

The photos were taken by the grandfather as he stood in the water with the family. Amazing images.

Other parts of Australia have been affected by bushfires. They said it would be a bad year this year and they were right.

Hope all's well with you guys

Cheerio for now
Posted By: Ninjahedgewych

Re: Haboobs - 02/04/13 02:54 AM

Renumber the floods too! My wife was in the ones caused by the cyclone!
Posted By: clairehobby

Re: Haboobs - 02/04/13 03:04 AM

i never seen it before. The nature is a gelious, as it has create so many amazing scenery in our life.
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