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Posted By: yuratim - Traditional Russian clothing - 04/18/06 07:54 PM

Dear friends,
let me invite you to our new website.
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Posted By: familychoice

Re: - Traditional Russian clothing - 04/20/06 11:48 AM

Thanks for the invite, I love your work. I'd like to get one of those big russian hats for my big sexy head, and if you have any big russian trousers then I'd like some of those too for my big...erm...I think we'll leave it there.
Posted By: yuratim

Re: - Traditional Russian clothing - 09/07/09 07:03 PM

Hi girls and guys!
it's time for updates smile

Recently we added absolutely thrilling handmade valenki felt boots to our inventory. These are not those factory made ugly ones, but designer's hand felted, very soft and light, beautifully decorated and coloured. And they never shrink even if get wet.

The only thing that can stop you from buying is their price, but they do really worth it.
Just have a look at couple of models

and find all of them at

We also sell not expensive factory made but hand-decorated valenki boots for kids and adults. You'll find them at our site as well.

Plus to it a lot of other new items have been added.

So, your are welcome to visit us!
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Posted By: PepperEvans

Re: - Traditional Russian clothing - 11/13/09 05:23 AM

In vivid colors, very stylish. I especially like the boots. It reminds me of an Irish pair of boots I saw in a shop selling [url=]mens exercise clothes[/url].
Posted By: yuratim

Re: - Traditional Russian clothing - 05/14/16 08:48 AM

Hi there !
have not seen you for ages smile
We have updated our website dramatically.
New assortment of more than 500 articles of traditional Russian clothing.
So, welcome again!
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