Thyroid and Pregnancy

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Thyroid and Pregnancy - 11/10/10 04:12 AM

Hi, I am 1 month pregnant (29 years old) and my doctor asked for few tests to be done, one of them being the TSH test. I am diagnosed with thyroid and she prescribed me thyronorm 100mcg. My concerns are: 1. I was asked to take TSH test which showed 17.22. But as i read on net i understand that for thyroid there are total 3 tests. Is TSH test not sufficient? do i need to go for any other tests? I have already started with the dose (today being second day) 2. Is the high dose of thyronorm 100mcg safe during pregnancy? will it harm my baby? 4. Is the thyroid problem due to pregnancy and temporary? as again i understand what i read - in 1st trimester the thyroid hormone level decreases and in the 2nd and 3rd trimester is again normal. Is this true? 3. Will taking such a high dose later create hyperthyroidism? I as such never had any problems before or any severe symptoms of thyroid. Since the day I have diagnosed with thyroid I am not getting proper sleep and is worried a lot. I would request for an expert advice on this. Please help. Advance thanks. Please note I am in Delhi (India)
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Re: Thyroid and Pregnancy - 12/02/10 04:06 PM

Hi. We have new filters at home that won't let me access bellaonline. So you may not hear from me again.
I hope you are seeing a good reproductive endocrinologist.
You need a FULL thyroid panel. Always, not just TSH. That means getting the t3 and T4 hormones tested too. (Sometimes you may be able to get away with the T3.) These should be tested in the free form, i.e. FT3 and FT4.

It is critical to get adequate supplementation, especially during pregnancy.

I urge you, if you haven't yet, to check out Mary Shomon, her website as book Living Well with Hypothyroidism. Another good book is the Shameses' book Thyroid Power.
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Re: Thyroid and Pregnancy - 12/19/10 02:45 AM

If you are hypothyroid during your pregnancy it is really important to take a thyroid supplement as otherwise your baby may be hypothyroid from birth (or so I am told by a doctor I trust). I far prefer a natural form of thyroid (porcine thyroid) to the synthetic drug and am recommending that to my family.
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