desperately need an answer

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desperately need an answer - 04/08/10 02:45 AM

My story is quite involved... while pregnant with my daughter i showed a high tsh indicative of hypothyroid.(4.97 t4 12) which then "normalised" to 3.02 t4 14... after giving birth i was tested again tsh 3.92 t4 12 and again recently tsh 2.97 t4 not tested! i have all the symptoms of hypothyriod with symptoms worsening... i show negative to antibodies. my mother aunt and grandmother all hypo. mother and aunt also have rheumatoid arthritis and mother has vitiligo. no doctor wants to believe im hypo as im "within normal range" I had trouble concieving my son with problem bleeding... i have had liver problems from naturopthic treatment to try lose weight(resolved now)... i suffered hypocalcemia... doctors trying to perscribe antidepressants and say i have cfs but im certain my thyroid is mostly to blame... anyone shed any light on this...
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Re: desperately need an answer - 04/13/10 03:56 AM

Go online and find an endocrinologist in your area. One tied to a university med school also a good idea. DO NOT GIVE UP. I have recurrent hives and angioedema, and no one admits it's thyroid related, but I know it is. I will keep looking until I find a solution. You have a lot of sisters with your same problem--you are not alone.
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Re: desperately need an answer - 04/16/10 04:19 PM

Aaargh! Why can't you get a Ft3 and Ft4 done? This isn't rocket science.
Check out top doc sites, and your state's thyroid support group. Luckily for you most thyroid patients are hypO so you should get some good info.
Please note - my frustration is not aimed AT you. It's FOR you, aimed at the system. I really don't understand why doctors are so incompetent when it comes to thyroid.
Good luck!

And P.S. It's really, really important to be competently monitored when pregnant. You may want to look for a new OB if he didn't test you properly. Now that baby's here I can say this without scaring you, I hope but untreated hypothyroid when pregnant can result in serious issues for the baby.
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Re: desperately need an answer - 04/16/10 04:19 PM

And another P.S. How are your family members doing? If they're muddling along, get them a copy of Mary Shomon's Living Well with Hypothryoidism, and check out her stuff on .
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Re: desperately need an answer - 04/23/10 01:36 AM

Hello Betty Jameson and welcome! My daughter is desperately trying to locate other means of dealing with her Hashimoto's. She is also gluten, soy, some dairy intolerant. She is 25 year's old and thyroid is wreaking havoc on her health. She has recently begun seeing a new dr to help her with her possible PCOS issues. She is on synthroid and cytomel and she still seems hypo. The new doc wants to place her on b.c. pills and she truly doesn't want to go that route. As a family, we choose organic, fresh and raw as often as we can. We believe in limiting sugar, processed foods and most Big Pharma! I would be very interested in contacting you as well to find other alternatives to drugs for my daughter.
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