Posted By: Anonymous Statehood Quarter Dollars - 12/23/04 11:34 PM
The fifty United States of America are being featured on the quarter dollar coin from 1999 through the year 2008. I have been collecting these coins from their introduction into circulation. It is really cool to enjoy some great new designs on this denomination. Each year will have five new reverse designs for five different states. I am collecting them for my three daughters and for my self. What are your comments about these neat looking coins?
Posted By: grammygram Re: Statehood Quarter Dollars - 03/02/05 07:55 PM
I have a special 'book' for the quarters. Right now I am doing 8 books so that each of the grandkids has a complete set. I even printed out each state with the date of statehood and pasted that inside the cover of the quarter book.
Posted By: ThunderThighs Re: Statehood Quarter Dollars - 05/01/05 12:10 AM
WOW! Great idea Grammygram. I have the book for them too, but the date of the statehood and all sounds like a great idea. I have two books, one for each child. I have heard that some of the Delaware quarters has a mistake on it and lately, the missori (?) one does too. Or which ever one has the cow's head on it with the corn. I've been looking for one with the goof up one it. <crosses fingers>

My kids have finally gotten into looking for the quarters. I've forgotten what's next. Yes, too lazy to get up and pull the books out. lol.
Posted By: AlanRadford Re: Statehood Quarter Dollars - 03/02/08 01:17 AM
For those of you collecting the "Statehood Quarters" there is a mint error that you may want to look for ...the reverse side is rotated somewhat on some quarters the way to tell is look at the coin with Washingtons head straight up ,flip the coin top to bottom, the reverse should now be straight up. if it is rotated just a few degrees the coin may already be worth in the $6-$10 range a full 180 degrees off up to $600 ( this is acording to a newsletter I recieve)just for your info. Alan
Posted By: williams.w Re: Statehood Quarter Dollars - 09/19/08 02:19 PM
1999-d Statehood Quarters Select Bu Georgia Roll Of 40
$49.95 Each

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Posted By: MargeKnits Re: Statehood Quarter Dollars - 10/07/08 02:07 PM
The statehood quarters are fun to collect and I was wondering what people are going to collect now that this project is nearly complete?
Posted By: Straycat Re: Statehood Quarter Dollars - 10/12/08 02:36 PM
There are presidents dollar coins for collecting now.

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I am finding the state quarters a little hard ot find. They used to roll right out in the change in the vending machine at work. Now it is just the regular quarters.

Posted By: Straycat Re: Statehood Quarter Dollars - 10/15/08 11:58 AM
There is a lot of hoarding which I hope doesn't bring down the value.
Posted By: Jilly Re: Statehood Quarter Dollars - 03/20/12 11:17 PM
Which state coins are worth the most? I have heard they have all different values. I think Arizona is supposed to be pretty good value.
Posted By: wizphotogirl Re: Statehood Quarter Dollars - 03/22/12 05:54 AM
the ones that are worth more varies. The ones made in 1999 are and there are a few others but not sure. a good place to look is on Ebay, you can look up a coin and see what they are selling for.
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