Posted By: mary-tea1 The great MJ in Basketball Hall today! - 09/11/09 01:55 PM
Michael Jordon is being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame today!

Being a fan- the Michael Jordon years were basketball's greatest- just my opinion!

Mary Caliendo
I have to agree that He was definitely a great player! There are some awesome high school players coming up in the next three or four years and I cant wait to see what they do and how far they go. I have really been getting into watching the Women college basketball games, they have some incredible players themselves. Michael Jordan certainly deserves to have been inducted!
Posted By: Iceman778 Re: The great MJ in Basketball Hall today! - 04/08/10 03:53 PM
dont you worry good players have a great future
yes he is the one great player and only Michael Jordan the greatest MJ. smile
Posted By: riyash Re: The great MJ in Basketball Hall today! - 10/28/14 05:16 AM
Michael Jordon's years were tremendously great & all the way it was a start of new era.
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