Posted By: Maeve Maddox-School Ref Opt-Out Movement - 12/30/13 01:13 PM
Parents and teachers distressed by the effect of ever-increasing state-mandated standardized testing of younger and younger children are at the heart of a grassroots movement to resist what they see as a mindless process that has little to do with education or the mental well-being of children.

What do you think about the growth of standardized testing and the uses to which it is being put?

The Testing Opt-Out Movement
Posted By: Justin - Horror Lit Editor Re: Opt-Out Movement - 03/16/14 11:08 PM
Hi Maeve,

Thanks for hosting the forum!

I believe that the current mode of high stakes testing is indeed limiting in how students show skill mastery and proficiency. Typically, many standardized tests cater to linguistic/logistical learning in the form of multiple choice and constructed response. The other types of learners (using Gardner for example - naturalistic, kinesthetic, etc.) may not test as well, not to mention the potential cultural bias that is embedded in the creation of such tests. But, until we can address the core issues of school accountability, the "opt-out" option is still considered a "ding" to schools and will often count against them in performance frameworks.
Posted By: Connie - ADD/Sandwiches/Reading Re: Opt-Out Movement - 03/27/14 07:45 AM
Maeve, I think that parents must lead the way, in the same manner that changes were made to the education of children with special needs. That was a parent driven movement.
Posted By: Connie - ADD/Sandwiches/Reading Re: Opt-Out Movement - 04/25/14 07:34 AM
School districts also need to find a way to break their entanglement with federal dollars. Tell the government that we will no longer subject our children to days of testing every year.

When I was in school, we had testing at the end of the year. There were several days of it. We could compare our tests to the previous year and see how we had grown. Children actually did this, because the tests meant something to us.
Posted By: Lestie4containergardens Re: Opt-Out Movement - 04/25/14 07:59 AM
Hello Everyone,

If you haven't already come across this then follow this link and see what you think? He has other presentations too.

Sir Ken Robinson

Posted By: Craig58 Re: Opt-Out Movement - 05/11/14 10:14 PM
If you want to change the testing situation in American vote against politicians at the local, state and national level that advocate standardize testing in education.

I have worked for years, scoring thousands of student test responses for several different states. Based on my experience, having read and scored all these tests, the test scores are almost meaningless. There accuracy of measuring student knowledge and education instruction based on these test scores is extremely limited.
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