Posted By: elizabeth123 substitute for perfume? - 08/26/06 07:13 PM
I have to travel alot for work and now that perfumes are banned am wondering what to do? For years, I've keep a little spray bottle filled with my favorite perfume in my travel kit ready to go. Don't laugh. Is there such a thing as a roll on fragrance line? I'm only in each city for a day or 2 and can't go buy perfume each time. THanks Liz
Posted By: toetapping Re: substitute for perfume? - 08/26/06 10:09 PM
There is a roll on fragrance sold in Australia so I would imagine there would be else where. Avon is one brand.
Posted By: denishpark Re: substitute for perfume? - 09/09/06 02:29 PM
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Posted By: Katja Re: substitute for perfume? - 09/22/06 06:32 AM
If you look at suppliers for aromatherapy and perfume making and such, you can also buy empty roll-on containers that you could put your perfume in.

Although, I guess it depends on the concern. Post-9/11, the problem, I think, was with the alcohol in the perfume...and a roll-on would still have that. More recently, the concern is the liquid, which a roll-on, again, would have. But, either are allowed in checked luggage, as far as I know; it's just carry-ons that they're banned in. Just check your perfume and you should be fine.
Posted By: KWG Re: substitute for perfume? - 09/24/06 11:19 PM
If you make a lotion bar and scent it with your favorite perfume you will be able to carry it on the plane with you. Hope this helps.
Posted By: roseblossom Re: substitute for perfume? - 09/26/06 08:10 AM
So, you already have some answers, the point is there is still not so much perfume on alcoholbase sold in roll on�s. And to fill a closed perfumebottle into another bottle means often to destroy it. Because perfumebottles are mostley closed in a way they can�t be opened so easily. And if you use your prefered perfume which you like so much, it will be complicated to find it again. I could give you a very special solution, I am a perfumer. If you tell me what scent you like, I can create you something simular, or if you want your persol scent, just for you. Don`t worry about the price, its not sooo expensive. I would send it to you with in a bottle you can easy fill to another and with a rollon bottle of course.100ml eau de parfum (thats a lot) with the bottles and shiping will not cost you more than 50$.Interested, write me amail or simply a reply. roseblossom
Posted By: smellme Re: substitute for perfume? - 11/20/06 10:53 PM
Some perfumes do come in a solid form, but there is only a handful of those or just hard to find. What I would probably do if i was in your situation is that I would either just use the regular bottles but just put it in the bag that will be checked in, you just cant take it on board with you in your carry on. Or you can start using perfume oils, i am not sure if the big designers make the oils, but you can surely find fragrance oils in general.
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