Posted By: blu354 Fragrances for Stress? - 06/26/02 04:43 AM
Do you have any special fragrances that soothe your spirit? How do you like to use fragrances to release stress?

If not fragrances, then what rituals or other activities do you turn to when you're at your wit's end? Exercise? Food? Sleep? Share your secrets here!
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 06/27/02 03:21 AM
I have a lotion from Origens called "Peace of Mind" that doesn't have it's ingredients listed on the little tiny pump, but it seems to be infused with menthol- I put a dab on each of my temples and on the back of my neck when I notice tension- it does seem to help. Other than that, I find a dip in a hot tub does wonders! <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

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Posted By: Robin - Fragrance Editor Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 11/16/08 07:22 AM
The combination of lavender and chamomile works wonders for me. In a room or linen spray - just a bit on the sheets and I can relax very quickly.

Sometimes reading a book before going to bed will also help me fall asleep faster.

Posted By: Nancy Roussy Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 06/25/15 10:13 PM
So far no scents have succeeded in making my stress lower. Michael Schumacher is my ultimate stress reliever, I just say his name and it is enough to calm me down. Then there's the Dallas Stars, music, walking and certain movies and shows.
Posted By: souss Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 01/12/16 11:35 AM
Orange blossom scent help me to relax. scientifically proven, the essential oil of orange blossom also called Neroli has many soothing and anti-depressive benefits.
Posted By: Jehanzeb A Khan Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 01/25/16 09:40 AM
The fragrance of mud after rain soothes my spirit and I feel so relaxed
Citrus is my regular, daily, stress reliever. I tend to need a little aroma therapy moment each afternoon. I use some good hand lotion, rub it in on my hands and then my temples then hold in from of my noise and breath it in and try to relax.
For very stressful moments - I have a vase with some dried lavender sprigs and after a real stress I pull off a bud and squeeze it between my fingers to release the therapeutic aroma.

That's what works for me!
Posted By: Styxx Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 03/21/16 12:15 PM
The scent of Aloe Vera because its scent reminds of cool nights.
(ノ ̄ω ̄)ノ
Breathing exercises help me cope. Deep breaths through the core are essential. I learned from a natural health care expert that I was breathing incorrectly. She saw my shoulders going up and down as I inhaled and exhaled. When you inhale, your stomach should protrude like a balloon and deflate (suck in) as you exhale. Try it, if you haven't already king
Posted By: BB -Body Care Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 06/24/16 11:02 AM
Listening to music or going for a long walk reduces stress.
Posted By: Angel S. Class Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 12/01/17 02:21 AM
Fragrances of delicious foods make me want to eat them and eating delicious foods definitely soothes my mood. lol
For eg: Pizza with extra cheese, Crispy Chicken, Ice-cream, Chocolate
My favorite is vanilla! Makes e think of cookies. Very soothing.
Posted By: jodirose Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 12/08/17 08:54 PM
Rosemary essence!
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 05/27/18 05:43 PM
I have a "Stress Relief" mix by Cleopatra which I used to keep by my bed but lately is on my desk. It's lavender and other gentle fragrances. When I feel my shoulders starting to tense I give a long inhale of it and remind myself of all I have to be grateful for. It does work!
Posted By: Angie Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 05/27/18 06:14 PM
At night I use lavender - had not thought about using it during the day. Thank you for making the change so that notifications of posts are made.
Posted By: Angela - Drama Movies Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 05/27/18 07:38 PM
Eucalyptus is also a good one to try for stress relief and insomnia.
Posted By: Angie Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 05/28/18 01:04 AM
A little dab of Vicks might work. :)

Originally Posted by Angela - Drama Movies
Eucalyptus is also a good one to try for stress relief and insomnia.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 05/28/18 03:17 AM
Angie - actually that email notification is going to turn back off again soon. They only turned on by default with this latest forum upgrade. When we send those out we are DELUGED with complaints from people, who then block BellaOnline from their system. We've been blocked by Hotmail, Gmail, and a number of other services because of that. That prevents all of our newsletters from reaching their destinations.

So while you find them useful, many people find them incredibly annoying and complain about them.

Sorry about that!
Posted By: Krztypie Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 09/24/20 09:51 AM
Essential oils are a thing now. I particularly like the lavender scent.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 01/28/21 09:39 PM
I'm finding cinnamon tea's scent to be lovely. I need to try to find some non-caffeine cinnamon tea (also non-licorice) ...
Posted By: matthewgilkes22 Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 01/30/21 09:09 PM
I use D&G the one EDT fragrance to release stress because it perfect for my body and It is a perfect blend of spices and tobacco to give you just the right fragrance and put up a masculine personality.
Posted By: Angie Re: Fragrances for Stress? - 01/31/21 01:24 PM
I reorganized a cabinet and found a neck warmer. You heat it in the microwave and when warm put it around your neck. It has lavender in it and it is very soothing.
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