Posted By: Tas - Japanese Culture Dumping Garbage In Japan - 03/23/13 06:26 AM
You might wonder why there's a need for an entire topic on this, but yes, there is... Find out why in this article.

Dumping Garbage In Japan

BTW, I've just changed jobs, moved house and all... So tired! Moving in Japan is such a pain in the neck. I'm still in Japan, but gonna be a solo English teacher at a junior high school, and now I live in Yokosuka City, not too far from Yokohama. Yoroshiku~
Posted By: Lori-Dreams Re: Dumping Garbage In Japan - 03/27/13 07:06 PM
Wow, you've been busy, Tas. :0

Moving is a pain but certainly more so in Japan.

The whole garbage system keeps things clean in Japan but one really has to get used to the schedule. My aunt is extremely fastidious about her trash. She washes it, including fast food wrappers, before throwing it out to keep away flies and bad smells. I agree it is nice to have clean trash but I guess I'm not willing to devote time and precious water to washing my trash. I just bag it tightly. (I guess I am a disgrace to my race!)

She's so strict about it that she wraps her chicken bones in plastic wrap first and I tell her that she is slowing down the decomposition of those bones and creating more plastic landfill waste but she doesn't care.
Posted By: Tas - Japanese Culture Re: Dumping Garbage In Japan - 03/28/13 04:56 AM
Yeah, and I expect to get a lot busier from next week when the real work starts kicking in. The Japanese are known for working till late at night, and due to the nature of my job, I'll have to do the same.

Well, it'll be a good experience for me in any case. Here's to 2 years of slogging like a dog~

Your aunt is really... unique. Trash is supposed to be dirty LOL

In Japan though, because you can't take out your trash anytime you like, you have to keep it in your house until the appropriate garbage collection day comes. So if I have stinky trash, I'll definitely wrap it up real tight. And try to keep it out of my sight as far as possible...
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