Posted By: Lori-Dreams Japanese and Foreigners - 02/26/13 08:44 PM
How do the Japanese feel about foreigners? Especially the different races? Just curious.

And do you know why there is such a huge population of Japanese transplants to South American countries like Brazil and Peru?

Here is a video of a cute young Japanese-Brazilian girl singing:

Young Japanese-Brazilian Girl Singing
Posted By: Tas - Japanese Culture Re: Japanese and Foreigners - 03/01/13 07:16 PM
Found this Wikipedia article that can answer your question:

Japanese Brazilian
Posted By: Tas - Japanese Culture Re: Japanese and Foreigners - 03/01/13 11:16 PM
As for how Japanese feel about foreigners... mindsets have changed throughout the years, and now, different groups of people think differently about foreigners. So it's hard to come up with a specific answer.

In general, the Japanese are uncomfortable with anyone who does not behave like a typical Japanese (being loud, saying what's on their minds, no Japanese manners etc).

Looks matter too: On the train, Japanese people tend not to sit or be near people who don't look Japanese - whites, blacks, etc. Because they look different, and can seem intimidating. For me, coz I look like a Japanese, I don't have encounter such a problem.

Such cases are less common in big cities, where the Japanese are used to seeing foreign-looking people around them.

And then, there is another group: In the big cities, some Japanese take the initiative to go up and talk to foreign-looking people, and get friendly with them. These are the people who like the non-Japanese traits of speaking your mind, being "rude" in the Japanese sense, etc.

So, bottomline: How each Japanese views foreigners really depends on the individual.
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