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Posted By: Sadhana ~ Indian Food

Subscribe to the Indian Food Newsletter! - 05/07/13 10:03 AM

Feel free to subscribe to the ever popular BellaOnline Indian Food Newsletter! This free weekly newsletter provides the newest recipes, great tips & good advice on everything related to delicious Indian Food -- delivered straight to your email inbox.

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Posted By: RoseEnglish

Re: Subscribe to the Indian Food Newsletter! - 08/01/14 02:08 AM

Thanks Sadhana, yes I will sign up for the newsletter (and look for a recipe for Saag Aloo - my favourite!) But first I need to get organised back on the site (eg I find Im still locked out of many areas, eg replying to your PM is blocked.) I was wondering whether I need to go through the whole process of ed training again as I just recently moved jobs to take on a highly responsible but exhausting role as an Autism Tutor! I could also post about the latest research on that, engaging with the relevant editors? Maybe I should make a start on the Short Stories forum.... just as a poster?
Posted By: RoseEnglish

Re: Subscribe to the Indian Food Newsletter! - 08/03/14 09:40 AM

Thank you so much - yes that helps. I now have a challenging new job as well (Autism Learning Support Tutor) which involves quite a bit of anxiety as student behaviour /mood is very unpredictable, often aggressively so - it's also long hours ( I'm happy to contribute to the Autism forum too) but it seems a shame to lose all my old articles/ skills etc as I still have them from when I trained before. Yes, let's try the Lisa option first as she may be OK with that (re-instating) If not, I can go through the whole training process again - it's just it will take me a little longer :) A shame when I have articles ready to go. (I've been researching which short stories are available on iphone apps and audiobook sites!) Thx for the reply.... just so we never lose the email contact again ! I'll give my new one to you to you here if I can send it privately?
Posted By: Sadhana ~ Indian Food

Re: Subscribe to the Indian Food Newsletter! - 08/03/14 10:55 AM

Hello Rose,

You can always email me directly at

Also, once you become the SS Editor again (either through Lisa or through training) - the articles already posted under your name will "return" back to you :-)

Besides it's always good to have an available stash of articles to pull from on a weekly basis - that way you're not pressed to write weekly & if an emergency pops up, you're all set :-)

Posted By: RoseEnglish

Re: Subscribe to the Indian Food Newsletter! - 08/04/14 02:27 AM

Oh really Sadhana? that's great about my articles all still being safe! I think Lisa might be pleased to hear that I'm actually visiting the original James Joyce museum in Dublin Ireland next week. (Absolute master of the short story :) Obviously I will kep careful notes for a review for the site! Ok, I'll keep scribbling and adding to my pile of articles so when I return to school after the summer vacation I have a pile ready! Yes, emailing you direct is a good idea, I will do that - also to let you have all my other contact details. Thanks Siobhain
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