My husband and myself have custody of my step children...i have been a part of their life since they were 6 and 1 year and they are now 15 and 9! I have a great relationship with the children but since they moved in with us about 2 yeara ago i have taken on ALL of the daily reaponsibilitiea of a mother...but the oldest never gives me any credit...i work my butt off while her mom does nothing and the mom still gets pictures posted and the "spotlight". Is the common? I love these kids just hurts sometimes and makes me feel invisible.
Hi Alabama13! My first thought as I read your post was this: Most 15yr olds are pretty clueless about what their moms do for I don't think it's something that you should feel slighted about. Honestly, most young people don't realize what their parents do for them until they are on their own...and especially once they have children of their own. I think if you just concentrate on keeping a close relationship with your step-children, you'll see good results in the long run. Hugs!
Teenagers are almost stereotypes of having emotional fixations and not appreciating those who care for them. They have crushes and idols which rarely have anything to do with reality. It's just part of the growing process. Adults need to take a deep breath and keep things going until the teens get out of that stage and realize what life is really all about.
Sounds about right. I think that the appreciation does not kick in until much later in life. Until then it's just hard work :-)
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