Posted By: Sheryl T Cataract in right eye - 05/16/15 03:05 PM
I am getting closer to the time when i will have to get this cataract removed. Has anybody else had this procedure and is it painful? I'm a chicken!
Posted By: "Rosie" Re: Cataract in right eye - 12/02/15 01:22 PM
I had it done
My left eye was done on Sept 10, 1990
Right eye was done on Dec 12, 1990
My cataracts were so bad I couldn't see faces just shadows
I'm a chicken also but it was well worth it
It's may be done differently now then back when i had it done
My eyes were numbed and i felt NO PAIN during the procedure
Good luck
I have had both of my eyes done. The first was a couple of years ago, and this last one was this summer. I felt no pain. My vision improved dramatically both times. Just be sure to take the drops as they are prescribed.

You will be amazed! I was so worried the first time, but cooooool the second time.
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