waiting for my natural miscarriage to happen

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waiting for my natural miscarriage to happen - 06/28/09 01:51 PM

I just turned 28 and had my first pregnancy, and first miscarriage (in the process of it..) At 8 weeks based on my LMP, the ultrasound showed the size was 6 weeks 5 days, with a heartbeat of 128bpm. I was told perhaps my count was off, or I was a bit irregular. I had another ultrasound on my 13th week and it showed the size was only 8 weeks 5 days, with no yolk sac anymore. There was no heartbeat. The doc said I should wait up to 2 more weeks to see if my body does a natural miscarriage before attempting a D&C. I've been reading up on what its like to get a natural miscarriage, what symptoms I should look out for, etc, but most people's stories show that they start bleeding, which is why they found out they were miscarrying in the first place. The reason I dont want to do a D&C right away is I'm scared I might get uterine tissue scarring (which I read a lot about online) so I'd rather see if it can come out naturally first. Did anyone here have no symptoms (or just very mild random cramps, which was supposedly normal so I ignored it) and found no heartbeat, and waited for a natural miscarriage? How long did it take? Here's another question - They say that if its less than 9 weeks pregnant, the natural miscarriage wont hurt that much (just like a strong period with double the menstrual cramps). since I'm supposed to be 13+weeks based on LMP, but the dead baby is only 8weeks 5 days, does that mean I'm part of the "under 9 weeks" , or does it mean the other parts such as the placenta, etc grew to 13 weeks and i'll have extreme pain when it comes out? Thanks
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Re: waiting for my natural miscarriage to happen - 06/28/09 03:15 PM

Unfortunately I know what you are dealing with right now. 3 days ago i was supposed to be 12 weeks, and I had very light brown spotting, went to emergency and found out that my baby too had died at 8 weeks 6 days. I had no idea. I was shocked. I still had symptoms, they had been mild, i just thought I was lucky in my pregnancy. It couldn't be farther from the truth. I opted for a D and C because I didn't want to wait anymore. I was and still upset that I had been walking around for 3 weeks thinking I was pregnant and not. I needed some closure. They did tell me that it would be like a strong period with severe cramping if I chose to do it naturally. For me, I couldn't. I couldn't imagine the waiting process. Where would it happen? Would I be at home? That is what was best for me, and what you choose is best for you. Don't read about others stories and compare yourself. Do what you feel is right and don't question it. If you are at peace with it, it's right. I am truly sorry for your loss. It sucks. It seems so unfair. It's hard to listen to people tell you it will be alright. I know it will be but right now it sucks.
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Re: waiting for my natural miscarriage to happen - 06/29/09 04:49 AM

I'm sorry to hear your news. Here's my experience with miscarriage in case it helps any... I started bleeding earlier this afternoon and went in to urgent care to get confirmation that I am indeed miscarrying, but I was only a little over 5 weeks pregnant, so just mild cramping starting just before the bleeding started, and the flow is not too heavy. However, this is my third miscarriage. The first was at about 8 weeks, and I had no clue it was coming until the a few hours before it happened. I felt just mild cramping around dinner time and thought nothing of it, then went to the restroom and when I wiped there was some bright red blood, but not much, so still thought nothing of it. Then in the middle of the night I woke up feeling nauseated and terrible cramping and diziness, and then had super heavy bleeding. It was like menstrual cramps, but much worse, I think to the point where I almost passed out. Since I figured I was miscarrying, I took some ibuprofen, and the pain started to lessen. It was bearable, but not easy, and it was pretty much over after that. I barely had any bleeding the following days. With the second miscarriage, I found out at my 10 week ultrasound that the baby did not make it past about 8 weeks. I scheduled a d&c mostly because of the emotional toll it was taking on me, and I didn't want to play the waiting game, but the bleeding coincidentally started right before the d&c. So I guess it took my body a couple weeks to start the miscarriage process. If you get any clues that it's about to start, I would suggest that you call a friend or family member or have your partner nearby for comfort and just in case you need anything. I wish you the best and hope that you are doing okay physically and emotionally.
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Re: waiting for my natural miscarriage to happen - 06/29/09 09:04 AM

Thanks for the input... I havent had any bad cramps yet - just some very minor ones, sometimes I cant even tell if its a real cramp or just minor gas pain from drinking milk (haha!) ..still waiting...
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Re: waiting for my natural miscarriage to happen - 06/29/09 12:12 PM

I tried to wait for a D & C as well, but I finally just had to get it as my labor never progressed. I was in "labor" for a week, in a lot of pain, and nothing would come out. I also got the news at a normal doctor's visit, waited till I spontaneously aborted, but eventually I got the D & C.

For me it seemed to hurt a lot but I've heard others say it was just like a bad period. I was further along though at 19 weeks.
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Re: waiting for my natural miscarriage to happen - 06/30/09 01:14 AM

Has anyone here had experience with the medication/pill thing that makes your body pass it faster?
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Re: waiting for my natural miscarriage to happen - 07/02/09 01:56 AM

No experience with the pill, but it was presented as an alternative to the d&c. The doctor said it would not be pain free... but at least you could control when the miscarriage would start a little better. It seems like a decent option if scarring from a d&c is a concern. Also, I wonder if taking ibuprofen or other pain killer with the pill is acceptable, so then at least potential discomfort is not a big factor.
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Re: waiting for my natural miscarriage to happen - 07/02/09 12:34 PM

ive currently just had a misscarridge about 1 week ago now, i decided to let it come out naturally because im only 15 and at the age of 14 i had an abortion so i didnt want to go through all that stuff again.. i need someone to talk to, i always feel like its my fault and i always feel dirty and yuck. i dont know who to go to? so if anyone can help i'd apreciate advice... -my email address if anyone has the time to talk???
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Re: waiting for my natural miscarriage to happen - 07/07/09 03:24 PM

Hi All, just wanted to give an update... Finally, on July 5th Sunday afternoon i started having menstural-like cramps. It wasnt that bad so i went on to play tennis for an hour. after tennis, i realized some brown stuff was coming out. That night, I wore a pad to sleep. At 4AM on Monday morning, my abdomen was hurting bad (like 6 out of 10 pain..normal period cramps would be like a 4 out of 10) i bled a lot at the toilet, some stringy stuff (sorry TMI) . by 5am i went back to sleep and the entire day i was able to walk around and didnt bleed that much. that evening, i started having bad cramps again so i popped an advil at around 10pm. then at 1am i woke up cuz i couldnt take the pain and took another advil and sat in the toilet for almost 2 hours in pain (pain scale 8 out of 10...where 10 would be fainting) til 230am where i was bleeding like a slow-drip faucet. Finally at 245AM or so, i heard a PLOP and another PLOP with more gushes of blood. (sorry TMI again!) too bad i couldnt see cuz it settled at the bottom of the toilet. anyway, the pain subsided after those plops, and then i went to sleep. when i woke up around 7am there was more stringy stuff, but the bleeding was very little and tapering off already. i went to the doc for an exam and ultrasound at noon on tuesday, and there is no more sac or baby - that means it was passed out! however there is still some little "leftover" stuff so they prescribed me a pill called methergine for 4 days, and it should make my uterus contract and flush out the rest. hopefully everything will come out so i wont need a D&C procedure. Overall, it didnt hurt as much as i thought, and it only lasted for 2 days , but total hours of pain was only about 3 hours total. Not too bad! i felt light headed this morning from losing lots of blood i guess, but im taking an iron multivit. I'll post again next week once they do another ultrasound. by the way, my suggestion to anyone who is trying to save the sac or whatever you pass out for lab analysis... is to buy a cheap strainer in the supermarket thats big enough to catch stuff falling out, but small enough to fit in your toilet when its happening, you just hold the strainer in there and catch it. i wanted to send mine to the lab, but unfortunately caught me by surprise by just coming out so fast, and i didnt know what or how to catch it.
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Re: waiting for my natural miscarriage to happen - 07/14/10 10:51 PM

My names charlotte and i'm soon to be 16. ive been going out with my partner 2 years now and recently we unexpectedly concieved a child. i had pain 6 days ago and so was taken into a&e and 2 days later my scan showed that at 12 weeks pregnant my baby heart had sadaly stopped beating at 8 weeks and 5 days . i chose to misscarry naturally but after 4 days of knowing i have had little bleeding on the spots of brown discharge everynow and again, i had hoped it would all be ove now, and the thought is starting to mess with my head, it all seems so cruel. i called hospital this morning and they could transfer me for an d&c but i'd have to go on the waiting list and wouldnt be able to have it til atleast tuesday ( in 6 days time). i was just wondering if any of you had any advice or way to make the natural misscarridge quicker, my body isnt responding in the way i would like it to, i wished it would all just hurry. please email me on thankyou x
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