Why did it happen to me

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Why did it happen to me - 01/05/07 12:44 AM

I had just turned 15 when i realized that i had missed my period and i took various test to check. as soon as i told my ex-boyfriend, David, at the time he broke up with me.. a few months later my belly started showing and he would go around and say that it was his friends baby.. my mom found out 2 years later when i was about to kill myself when i had my second miscarrage.. two years later i had just found out that i was pregnant and told my boyfiend, Alex, he was so happy. you should had seen him he was jumping up and down saying that his wish had finally came true... three in a half months later i crashed and lost my baby.. as soon as i told Alex, be broke up with me. his exact words were, "you should had died also" now 6 months later i still cry myself to sleep because of my babys that was never born

I�m pregnant!
Are you happy?
Are you scared?

Why do you say it�s not yours?
Why do you want me to have an abortion?

You�re the only one I�ve been with.
You�re the only one I messed around with.

I took three tests.
I took them three different days.

They all came out positive.
They all were right.

I�m gaining some weight now.
I�m buying some baby clothes.
I�m happy.
I�m lonely.

Why are you rejecting this baby?
Why are you rejecting me?

I�m almost four months now.
I�m already forming a belly.

I picked up something heavy.
I picked up a box.

I went to the restroom.
I went to bleed.

My Baby!
My Baby!

Why did you come out?
Why didn�t you wait?

It wasn�t time for you.
It wasn�t time for me.

Did you wish the baby would have die?
Did you want me to die also?

My life got worse.
My baby got lost.

All because of a box.
All because of me.
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Re: Why did it happen to me - 01/05/07 02:17 AM

im so sorry about your loss i wish that the pain would just lift from you but it wont so you need people to support you im sorry that you boyfriend is that kind of man that he left you in steed of seeing you thourgh this horrable time in your life i will be here for you if you need some one to talk to. i lost my little girl at 18 weeks so i know what your going thourgh. it helps me to remember my baby wright her letters gave her a name and remembered how i felt when i was her mother even though it was so short of a time mostle remember you where your babys mother and even though your baby isnt with you, you will always be a mother. god be with you in this trying time.
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