Posted By: Sammyb pregnancy after miscarriage-when to try? - 02/15/11 08:41 PM
My husband and I have been trying for for a baby since we got married and we finally got a positive pregnancy test. At 9 weeks i had a ultrasound and the baby didn't have a heartbeat and measured 6 weeks. I had a D&C on february 4th and am curious when to start trying for another baby? The doctor told me to wait till after 1 or 2 periods, but my sister and friend went through the same thing and their doctors told them to try again right away. Has anyone experienced this and got pregnant right away with a healthy baby? My husband and I are so anxious to try again so that we can get back to ourselves again. This experience has made me an emotional disaster.
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I found out at the u/s that the pregnancy wasn't viable on Jan. 4th and the internist at the women's clinic said that the surgeon would tell me to wait at least 3 months. She said that actually doctors only say that because of the psychological aspects of losing a pregnancy and that if we wanted we could try after the first period if we felt up to it. Then the surgeon came in to talk to me about scheduling the D&C and sure enough said to wait 3 months...but I have a friend that had a miscarriage and was pregnant again within 6 weeks. I'm too much of an emotional disaster to try again at this point but had my first period within 4 weeks of the D&C and technically we could try again. I'm just not ready, but some people are and do...and in my friend's case, she had a healthy baby girl 9 months later...
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Thank you so much for your post mzungu. I am having a really hard time dealing with all of this myself but I am up for trying again. I just hope that I don't get even more upset if I am unable to get pregnant right away. My husband doesn't even want to wait for my first period to come. I think it's only because he sees how hurt I am right now and he knows that I would be thrilled to get another positive test. That makes me feel good to hear that your friend was able to have a healthy child right away. I read many studies saying you have better chances of having a healthy baby if you get pregnant within 6 months after your miscarriage. This is a huge difference from what they used to say, which was wait 6 months to try again. Thanks again!
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you're welcome and best wishes!
I had your exact situation, and started trying after my first period, and got pregnant in the 2nd month after. That child is now 6 years old:-) The miscarriage was devastating for me too, it's emotional and it's hormonal also - a big hormonal crash occurs, so be gentle with yourself. Take care-
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Thank you so much Lisa! I'm feeling more hope every time someone posts a success story like this!
Waiting one or two periods is a good idea just so you know where your cycle is and when your due date would be when you get pregnant again This is mostly a logistical concern New research has proven you don't need to wait longer for physical reasons.
Best of luck.
I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks last summer. i fell pregnant again soon after but I have never fully got over that horrible time. my due date was March 19th- a few days away- and I have been an emotional wreck these past few days, even though i am 26weeks pregnant with a healthy baby. my advice would be to make sure you have moved on completely before you consider trying again. get help off anyone available to you! good luck :)
Laura's right - although you may physically be ready to try again very soon, you have to mae sure you're ready emotionally too.
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