Posted By: Lisa LowCarb TextPad for Text File Editing - 08/03/18 03:19 AM
I adore TextPad and use it every day for all my webpage editing and other text file editing tasks. I did actually pay for my copy, since I love it so much, but there is a free mode as well.

What do you guys use to edit text files with?
Posted By: Angie Re: TextPad for Text File Editing - 08/27/18 01:35 AM
At one time I used Front Page; then I switched to WebExpressions. On one page I do now it is using Google's site. They just switched to a new system and I think it uses Google Drive and documents on the drive. I didn't care for the look of the converted site and kept the old one as well. I gather TextPad is where you write your own code. I really don't like writing directly online as one can get burned if the host decides to pull the plug.
Posted By: Lisa LowCarb Re: TextPad for Text File Editing - 01/31/21 11:25 PM
Yes I keep all my files on my own server. I use TextPad to write files locally before uploading them somewhere.
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