Posted By: Krztypie How Do You Balance Career and Relationships - 04/14/21 12:43 AM
There's always this thinking that you cannot be successful in all the aspects of your life. I'm wondering how you beautiful women handle and organize the challenges in your career while maintaining and cultivating your relationships.
It's all about knowing your priorities and how you handle your time. It's important that you have time for everything, that you don't do it all at once.
And some successful people I know go to counseling. Have you experience going to therapies?
The best way I can describe it is compartmentalization. Basically this means that when working, nothing else matters. And outside of work, work doesn't matter. This is difficult to achieve and takes time, as well as practice.
There’s no doubt that our careers are important. Aside from financial livelihood, our jobs can offer us immense professional satisfaction, and we work hard to achieve our goals. Yet work is never a reason for neglecting a marriage, not even when both of you are in high-pressure roles. While the balancing act can be difficult at times, the effort itself is important.
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