Posted By: Sadhana ~ Indian Food Sacred Hindu Thread Ceremony - 02/03/14 09:53 AM
Just yesterday, we performed the sacred thread ceremony (munj/upanayam) for my 11 year old son. It was chaotic, hectic, exciting & an emotional time for everybody during this sacred rite of passage.

I have had a house full of guests for over a week that came from around the world for this special & unique occasion. My son was a real trooper throughout - waking up at 5am yesterday & performing various ceremonies & rituals until 3pm!

It was a long, tiring & exhausting day for everybody but so worth the family fun & memories :-)

If you are interested about this sacred Hindu thread ceremony - you can read more about it here:

Upanayam Ceremony

If you have anymore questions, just feel free to ask!
Posted By: Deanna - New Age Re: Sacred Hindu Thread Ceremony - 07/16/15 08:53 PM
Congratulations laugh
Posted By: Anu D - Orchids Re: Sacred Hindu Thread Ceremony - 07/17/15 08:17 AM
Congratulations to you and your family. God bless your son.

Must be fun to have so many near and dear ones close together!

These ceremonies are getting rarer here in India, especially Northern India. We do this at the time of the marriage, as it gets difficult to follow all the do's and don'ts after the ceremony.
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