Java Problem Please Help Me

Posted By: Nancy Roussy

Java Problem Please Help Me - 07/31/14 10:37 PM

Now everytime I try to play a Java game I am told "Application Blocked by Security Settings". How do I unblock this? I never had this problem before!

I used to play on Click For A Change and that website disappeared this Spring. I figured a while ago that I would at least play the Bella Online games and this is when I saw this was going on. I found tonight a website that has Java, Flash and Shockwave games and since they have a free email address I wanted to try them next and play their games while there and that's the same problem there too!

Can somebody please tell me why Java is doing this to me?

I do not have any other problems with Java and it is fully updated (i even went and checked it out before coming here and i was told i had the latest updates).
Posted By: Nancy Roussy

Re: Java Problem Please Help Me - 08/03/14 12:43 AM

I just figured it out by myself! I am normally so stupid especially when it has to do with computers (i know how to open and close computers and to go on the internet and use the notepads and thats about it) so I am very proud of myself right now! cool! queen! LOL grin!
Posted By: Anu D - Orchids

Re: Java Problem Please Help Me - 08/03/14 01:50 AM

That's good for you. There is nothing stupid in it, everyone faces similar situations----cry

Many of us are not computer savvy computer
Posted By: Nancy Roussy

Re: Java Problem Please Help Me - 08/03/14 02:02 AM

When I have problems with my computer I just freak out because I am afraid it will screw it up or that I will screw it up.

They say that you can always go back and undo what you did but when you don't know much about it it's not that easy!

Once in a while I will by accident hit a keyboard key (1 of those f with a number) and that changes the screen, I always take many minutes to finally find that button to put the screen back to how it was, the last time I had given up on it because I could not find it (even by click on every of these things it would not go back to before) but I just calmed myself and a while later I did it.

So I try not to do much on my computer in case I screw it up.

I don't even have the guts to install another browser in case it becomes too hard for me so I just stick with that stupid Internet Explorer frown!
Posted By: Sheryl T

Re: Java Problem Please Help Me - 06/21/15 01:00 PM

I am going through a computer mess right now So I understand Nancy. This week my desktop and two laptops totally quit. I have been posting from my NookHD. It's tough and my posts have been much shorter.
Posted By: Nancy Roussy

Re: Java Problem Please Help Me - 06/21/15 01:21 PM


I once had a computer that was driving me crazy. I almost crushed it to pieces when I finally got another one. It was worthless so I gave it to the man who built my new one, he took it for the pieces.

I hope you get to have a better computer soon.

A friend of mine has been without hers for more than one week. A friend of hers took it and she was just supposed to install Windows 7, maybe her computer got infected or something. Her at least she has a life outside the internet so she does not mind too much when she goes without a computer. But I am afraid that the reason she has not been back is because or her or her husband or both being sick. They both have serious health issues. I just know her from the internet so I cannot call her or go see her (shes from Australia so that would be far anyway to go see).
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