�Hola a todos!

Just wanted to say "Hello!!!" after my vacation.

And I have a question for you...

What's the hardest Spanish word for you to learn / pronounce??

I'll tell you a secret: one my hardest English words to pronounce / spell is "thoroughly"!! (Remember I'm not an English speaker!)

I'll be waiting for your answers.

Have a nice August!
Posted By: quiltersmuse Re: Hardest Spanish word?? - 08/19/07 12:41 AM
Ixtapa, the name of a Mexican town, is the hardest word for me to pronounce.

Opps! Txtapa! This is the first time I read it! �Lo siento!

Does anybody know??
Posted By: Rachel_SpanishCult Re: Hardest Spanish word?? - 10/19/07 10:59 AM
psicologico I hsve trouble with that, one of my students is going to be a - psicologicista?

Give me thoroughly any day!
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