Posted By: Connie - ADD/Sandwiches/Reading Death to Diabetes - 01/02/12 10:24 PM
I am starting another journey using DeWayne McCulley's book Death to Diabetes.

His ads on TV irritated me, and I was very skeptical. However, I read a post in this forum, and I impelled me to buy the book. Boy, was I surprised! It was amazing. I saw my blood glucose values drop like a rock. My weight went down. My medication needs were cut in half. This took place over a 6 week period.

Unfortunately, my life took a turn toward the busy, and I didn't continue. It took several months for my needs for meds to creep up to previous levels. So, with the new year, I am redoubling my efforts. DeWayne McCulley, here I come! Your book is going to guide my eating.
Posted By: loong Re: Death to Diabetes - 03/28/12 08:55 AM
Dear Connie,

I used to be treated for type 2 diabeties.Since I have become a Buddhist,changed my eating habits(vegetarian),exercised.I was taking a pill a day.First thing I know ,the diabeties is there no moore.I take my blood sugar every day ,a few times a day,no
diabeties,no pills.They ,by the way who are :they:,say once a
diabetic always a diabetic.Well I am the proof that diabetics can be beaten.

With loving kindness
a simple buddhist named
Thanks for telling your story. It is inspiring.
Posted By: EatingVeggies Re: Death to Diabetes - 09/04/12 12:27 PM
Eating a low fat vegan diet has proven to reverse diabetes numbers in most people who stick to it consistently. This eating style is promoted by diabetes expert Dr. Neal Barnard.
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