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- Maintain good communication with bidders. Answer all questions quickly.

- Ship items out as soon as payment is received.

- Cancel bids from bidder that you know are "deadbeat."

- Always use Delivery Confirmation (even if you have to add the .50 into the shipping costs.)

- If you're just starting out as a seller, you may want to do some buying first to build up a feedback rating.

- Publish your shipping and handling costs up

- Clearly state your check acceptance policy.

- Always include a picture of the item in your listings. Many potential bidders won't even look at your auction if there is no picture.

- Order FREE priority mail shipping supplies on-line at

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I definitely think the quick shipment is the most important part of making people happy. When someone sends you money, they are in essence trusting you to now deliver what you said you would. Every day that goes by is another day of waiting ... wondering ... worrying. Will the package come? Will it be what they want? Will it be broken?

So the more quickly you can get that package to them, the less stressful it is for them, the happier they are and the more likely they'll tell people about you and trust you for their own future purchases!

I've been including little origami creatures in the CDs I've been selling the past few weeks. The recipients really seem to like them <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
good ideas!!!
If your selling jewelry. Take the extra step to purchase little boxes that are lined with cotton. They provide safer shipping and a professional touch. It also helps to write a small note thanking them for their business. Also include a business card.
Great Tips!
Another one might be to email your buyer the day you ship their item. I always leave it in the Feedback that I shipped that day to kill two birds with one stone. I have bought on Ebay and never gotten any communication that the item was shipped and that does make one nervous.
Something else to consider is auction management software or services.

When you get to a level where you feel overwhelmed or too busy for life, it's time to choose a management solution.

My favorite is as they are an all in one solution, they also have an accounting system so you don't need to use other software to keep track of your income and expenses with your auction business.

Enjoy . . . Scott
I suggest emailing the purchaser to double check the mailing address. I shipped to the address given on the paypal payment thingie and 3 weeks later the purchaser asked me if I planned on shipping it soon. I explained my end, she replied and apologized for her mixup, but it could've been a bad situation. Luckily she knew where it had been shipped to.
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