Posted By: Golf Editor Presidents Cup - 09/30/07 02:21 PM
How do you feel about the outcome of the Presidents Cup? What about Woody Austin and his enthusiasm? laugh I enjoy watching this type of play as it includes individual and team competition. cool
Posted By: Jazzy Geri Re: Presidents Cup - 10/03/07 06:32 AM
As soon as the President's cup started I was glued to the TV. It was great seeing all the golfers try their hardest and at the same time enjoy the game. I didn't see tension between anyone. But of course I was at home. LOL. The only two mentioned were the Phil Mickelson and VJ Singh match. It was great to see Woody Austin playing a great game he really had it water and all. At first I didn't know if he was going to be all talk but he proved that he can play. What was so great Jack "the man" Nicklaus allowed the guys to have fun and make some of their own decisions so they were more relaxed. I hope Jack is the Ryder's cup choice to head the team. Mike Wier did a tremendous job playing against Tiger Woods. He really was on fire with great shots. Tiger never held back but missed some putts but we love him anyway..LOL I just want to close with this I think the caddies should get more praise, without them the players would have more to do for themselves and the trustworthy, smart and able caddies save the day for the players. Enough from this non athlete who loves to watch the game of golf.
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