O.K. How about this?

Posted By: funwithphil

O.K. How about this? - 04/05/09 12:31 AM

Does anyone care to discuss their favorite tricks or routines that you do with the typical every day props that is something different? Why don't you ask me what I do with certain apparatus? If you have been in the biz long enough you know it is what you do with the trick that makes it entertaining not so much the secret or the trick itself,it is just a means to an end. I will keep trying a while before I give up. Phil
Posted By: Rose Miles

Re: O.K. How about this? - 11/01/09 10:04 PM

I have the topsy turvy bottles. How might one use this to teach on the 10 commandments?
Posted By: Estry

Re: O.K. How about this? - 01/15/11 03:38 AM

I love the invisible deck, you can use it for predictions, mind reading, putting hecklers in thier place, it is a very versitile prop that always makes me look good! Estry

Re: O.K. How about this? - 03/21/11 07:33 AM

I have just aquired an 'invisible deck' but haven't got the hang of it yet. I think the effect is great. I have also just aquired a double change bag, and have a great trick with 'Dog' silks. A white dog changes to black dog then eventually ends up a 'Dalmation', black and white dog.
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