The Romans swept in bringing Asparagus, Chestnuts, Arenas, Amphitheaters, and Baths, and since then German speaking lands have been a playground not only a battlefield. Germany's "Theme Routes", which crisscross the country, are an easy way to discover its amazing legacy from both nature and history.

Germany's Unique Theme Routes

What a great and interesting article, Francine. It makes me want to stop everything and explore Germany and all those fantastic places you mention.

I love your articles -- they are informative, well-written, and so very interesting.
Posted By: Stevie_80 Re: Travel Germany's Unique Theme Routes - 08/28/12 01:53 PM

Am happy you enjoyed your excursion Stevie_80, and yes some of the smaller towns are just beautiful, it is worth going "off road" to see them. How they have managed to stay relatively unspoilt all this time is amazing.

Are you just visiting Germany at the moment or staying awhile?

Thanks so much for your feedback Phyllis, it is super you like the articles, must admit do enjoy writing them................and I know you would just love some time in Germany.

All those myths and spooky castles, it would really suit you down to the ground. You might never want to leave. cool

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