Another Decorative Edging Stitch

Posted By: Susan Helene Kramer

Another Decorative Edging Stitch - 05/10/04 04:42 AM

A visitor emailed her technique which I am sharing here:

"I too love making dolls. (I machine knit)
I have a fun short cut to doing decorative edges on my dresses. I think if I understand yours are doing a crochet chain stitch? and attaching it to the edge of the fabric? I am not sure what a button hole edge is. am I correct?

If you are using a crochet hook... this is what I do:
I put in a "Winged Needle" (available at most fabric stores) with out thread and machine stitch along the edge. This will only poke the holes in the fabric you will not see any stitching. I can then insert the crochet hook through the empty holes all along the edge and they will be the same distance apart along the edge. All scallops become the same in size. This is nice and you will not have to struggle pushing the crochet hook through the fabric even if it is doubled.

I do this for baby bibs as well as for baby flannel blankets.

I have some other time saveing hints. I will send them along as I remember them."

Does anyone have a decorative edging stitch they use on doll clothes they would like to share? Come on by ... <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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